• Labor Relations

    Student Unionization at The New School

    The university continues to meet with representatives from SENS-UAW to negotiate a first collective bargaining agreement.
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    The New School is committed to being an outstanding place to work, learn and create. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining an environment that promises diversity and tolerance in all areas of employment and education, and to ensuring equal access to our academic, artistic and cultural programs and activities.

    At The New School, we work hard to ensure that our academic, professional and student staff have the resources and leadership needed to support excellent teaching, research and cultural expression. Whether directly with staff or with the unions that represent them, we work together to build on our proud history and shared commitment to the university.

    For nearly 50 years, The New School has worked closely and collaboratively with the unions representing its employees. Today there are unions representing eight units of employees on campus. Jointly reached contracts are in place – or collective bargaining is underway – with each of these unions.

    At The New School, contract negotiations and other discussions with each of our unions are guided by clear, consistent principles:

    • Fairness and Transparency – We are open and honest in discussions with our labor groups, in the sharing of information and perspectives, and in related communications to the university community and other stakeholders
    • Responsiveness – We are responsive to requests, questions and concerns from our unionized workforce and are committed to timely resolution of issues raised
    • Doing What Is Right for All Students, Faculty and Staff – We stay constantly focused on reaching outcomes that benefit the full New School community and that enhance academic excellence
    • Maintaining a Long-term View – We are committed to maintaining an effective balance between near-term financial and operational priorities and strengthening the long-term interests of the university; we always stay focused on ensuring that The New School will be able to build on its legacy and serve the community for generations to come
    • Respect for the Collective Bargaining Process and Cooperative Agreements – We are committed to having strong agreements in place with all of our labor groups and we respect the confidentiality of the negotiating process
  • Snapshots of Unions

    ACT-UAW Local 7902
    On campus since: 2005
    Total represented employees: 2,600
    Work group: Part-time faculty
    Current contract: Runs to August 31, 2019

    American Federation of Musicians – Local 802
    On campus since: 1998
    Work group: Part-time jazz class faculty
    Total represented employees: 82
    Current contract: Runs to June 30, 2020

    International Union of Operating Engineers Local 94
    On campus since: 2013
    Total represented employees: 10
    Work group: Engineers
    Current contract: Runs to December 31, 2018

    SEIU 32BJ – Maintenance
    On campus since: 1970
    Total represented employees: 96
    Work groups: Facilities and maintenance employees
    Current contract: Runs to December 31, 2019

    SEIU 32BJ – Security
    On campus since: approx. 1995
    Total represented employees: 70
    Work group: Campus safety guards
    Current contract: Runs to June 30, 2018

    On campus since: 2017 (recently certified)
    Total represented employees: [tbd]
    Work group: [Student workers]
    Current contract: Inaugural contract currently in negotiations

    Teamsters – Local 1205 Clerical
    On campus since: approx. 1980
    Total represented employees: 113
    Work groups: clerical employees and librarians
    Current contract: Runs to June 30, 2020

    Teamsters – Local 1205 Professional
    On campus since: December 12, 2016 (newly certified)
    Total represented employees: 135
    Work group: professional employees
    Current contract: Inaugural contract currently in negotiations