• For more than 50 years, The New School has worked closely and collaboratively with the nine unions that represent many of our staff and faculty. This page serves as the hub where you can easily access information and updates about current or upcoming contract negotiations.

    Current and Upcoming Negotiations

    We are pleased to share that a strong, fair three-year contract was ratified by SENS-UAW Local 7902, representing our Academic Student Workers, with 93% approval. This new contract includes significantly enhanced wage increases; a full tuition waiver for all PhD Academic Student Workers and Masters Academic Student Workers who hold Teaching Fellow positions; enhanced healthcare and dependent care benefits, including participation in a New School working group to establish a university-wide pilot childcare fund; a $750 ratification bonus; and other proposed benefits enhancements. The contract runs through August 31, 2026.

    The Latest from Labor Relations

    Please check here for the latest news and negotiation developments.

    Read the Ground Rules for Collective Bargaining between The New School and SENS-UAW Local 7902. 

    See our fact sheet about SENS-UAW and the university's opening contract proposal. 

    Read our March 29 update: Agreement Reached with SENS-UAW Local 7902, Academic Student Workers.

    Click here to read Important Facts Regarding the University's NewSWU NLRB Submission.

    The University's Latest Proposals Presented to SENS-UAW

    The university and the union have agreed to publish our proposals on our respective websites. Where referenced, the existing and current contract language for any article in the SENS Collective Bargaining Agreement may be viewed here.

    Quick Facts

    • SHENS-UAW Local 7902 (Student Health Employees): In December 2023, the university reached a successor contract with the union representing our Student Health Employees.
    • AFM Local 802 (Part-Time Jazz Faculty): In April 2023, the university reached a successor agreement with the union representing part-time faculty at the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music.
    • ACT-UAW Local 7902 (Part-Time Faculty): We reached a strong, fair, five-year contract with our part-time faculty in December 2022.
    • Over the past 16 months, successor agreements have been reached with the following unions on our campus: AFM Local 802 (April 2023); ACT-UAW Local 7902 (December 2022); Teamsters Local 1205 Professional (October 2022); SEIU 32BJ—Security (September 2022); and Teamsters Local 1205 Clerical (January 2022).

    Guiding Principles

    Negotiations and other discussions with our unions are guided by clear, consistent principles, including:

    Fairness and Transparency
    We are open and honest in discussions with our labor groups, in the sharing of information and perspectives, and in related communications to the university community and other stakeholders.

    We are responsive to requests, questions, and concerns from our unionized workforce and are committed to timely resolution of issues raised.

    Doing What Is Right for Students, Faculty, and Staff
    We stay constantly focused on reaching outcomes that improve the education and support the success of all of our students and that benefit the full New School community.

    Commitment to Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice
    We are committed to ensuring an equitable, inclusive, and socially just environment for all students, staff, and faculty. 

    Maintaining a Long-Term View
    We seek to find the balance between near-term educational and operational priorities and the goal of strengthening the long-term interests of the university to ensure that The New School will be able to build on its legacy and serve students and its entire community for generations to come.

    Respect for the Collective Bargaining Process
    We respect the collective bargaining process and view the negotiating table as a safe space for the free and open exchange of ideas and proposals.

    Unions at The New School

    We currently have unions representing nine groups of faculty and staff on our campus, and we strive to have productive and collaborative relationships with each of them. Jointly reached contracts are in place (or collective bargaining is underway) with each of these unions, and we are proud to provide exceptional benefits to our employees.

    Here’s a snapshot of all nine unions and the employees they represent. More information about each union can be found on the university’s Labor Relations page.

    Academic Student Workers – SENS-UAW Local 7902
    SENS-UAW Local 7902 has been on campus since 2017. This union represents approximately 1,000 Academic Student Workers, including teaching assistants, teaching fellows, research associates, research assistants, course assistants, and tutors.

    Clerical Employees & Librarians – Teamsters Local 1205
    Teamsters Local 1205 Clerical has been on campus since 1980. It represents 75 clerical employees including office assistants, secretaries, accounting clerks, library clerks, librarians, librarian's assistants, and mail/duplicating clerks.

    Engineers – IUOE Local 94
    International Union of Operating Engineers Local 94 has been on campus since 2013. It represents 10 engineering employees.

    Maintenance – SEIU Local 32BJ
    SEIU 32BJ Maintenance has been on campus since 1970. It represents 96 employees including staff working in facilities, maintenance, and cleaning services.

    Part-Time Faculty – ACT-UAW Local 7902
    ACT-UAW Local 7902 has been on campus since 2005. It represents 2,600 part-time faculty members (except those teaching at the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music).

    Part-Time Jazz Faculty – AFM Local 802
    American Federation of Musicians Local 802 has been on campus since 1998. It represents 130 part-time faculty members at the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music.

    Professional Employees – Teamsters Local 1205 Professional
    Teamsters Local 1205 Professional has been on campus since 2016. It represents 135 professional employees including audio-visual technicians, financial aid counselors, information technology technicians, program administrators, student accountant coordinators, student success advisors, Making Center technicians, international student advisors, senior student success advisors, student account coordinators, and student account specialists.

    Security – SEIU 32BJ
    SEIU 32BJ Security has been on campus since 1995. It represents 70 campus safety officers.

    Student Health Employees – SHENS-UAW Local 7902
    SHENS-UAW Local 7902 has been on campus since 2018. It represents 20 employees including therapists, counselors, nurses, social workers, physicians, physicians’ assistants, nurse managers, the director of wellness, and the director of community health.

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