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Coordination Structure

The courses developed for the launch of the first-year curriculum in Fall 2013 will require coordination, input, and oversight from all of Parsons' five schools. The coordination structure below is designed to facilitate this and create communication channels among the appropriate roles.

Undergraduate Curriculum Coordination Structure

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The Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) will continue to ensure consistency in the staging of learning outcomes across all programs and throughout the four-year sequence as the curriculum transitions through implementation one year at a time.

CUE will be led by the Director of First Year, who serves as the academic steward of the first-year curriculum and provides oversight of the coordination structure.

School-based coordinators will focus primarily on addressing the undergraduate curriculum across courses and from the perspective of their schools. They will work closely with their directors of academic affairs (DAAs, not shown) and school curriculum committees as well as CUE. The following individuals will serve this role in each school:

First-year course coordinators will focus primarily on addressing a specific course across schools, considering in particular the transferability of that course between different schools and programs. The course coordinator roles are also distributed across the five schools, and the following appointments have been made:

The two sets of coordinators will work as a team and co-coordinate in each school. This model promotes information sharing between different focal points of the developing curriculum and allows for the mentorship of new faculty entering into these positions in later years.