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Culture and Place: Parsons Student Affairs

Parsons provides mentorship and opportunities for students to enhance their learning and personal development, receive academic and career guidance, develop leadership skills, and receive counsel during crises. A professional and helpful staff is available to meet a range of needs, offering health care, housing advice, and other services. Visit University Student Services for additional student and campus service information. Visit Career Services for information on internships and job fairs.

Academic Advising

Advising is a core component of the academic experience at Parsons. Students may encounter a variety of factors that can affect academic performance as they work toward their degrees, and advisors are able to address many of these issues from a developmental perspective. Because of their extensive knowledge of campus resources, advisors also teach students how to navigate the university system and act as liaisons between students and university services staff. Additionally, advisors help students learn how to communicate with faculty and other academic leadership when policy issues arise. The advisor’s role is to provide information and create a supportive environment.

To learn more, visit Academic Advising online.

Career Services

Career Services helps students develop the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in today's creative workforce. Students can access internships and job fairs with top companies, one-on-one career advising, a dynamic online job board, panel discussions, workshops, and much more. The Career Services staff cultivates relationships that can lead to employment opportunities for Parsons students and graduates both in the United States and abroad. The opportunities are plentiful, and the Center for Student Success - Careers is here to help you succeed.

To learn more, visit Career Services online.

Study Abroad

Parsons students are eligible to study abroad during their junior year, and Parsons offers a number of ways for students go abroad for a semester or a year. Students interested in studying abroad should consult with their advisors and review the application processes and requirements at least one semester in advance.

To learn more, visit Study Abroad online.

health services

Student Health Services offers students medical care, counseling and psychological services, preventive education, and a low-cost health insurance plan.

To learn more, visit Health Services online.

Student development and activities

At any given time, students at the university are involved in a variety of activities, ranging from publications to clubs to athletics to political activism. Many extracurricular organizations are student run. Students are the source of the school's energy, spirit, and momentum as well as the impetus for evolution and change.

To learn more, visit Student Development and Activities online.

Parsons Student Senate (PSS)

PSS is a student-run organization and forum where students can voice their concerns or ideas. The organization works directly with Parsons administrators and presents them with issues that students currently face. As a funded organization, PSS's goal is to give back to the Parsons student community and support peers in bringing their ideas and projects to fruition. PSS meets weekly, and all meetings are open to all members of the Parsons student body.

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