Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.

How To Participate

Parsons will send ten students (from 2010–2014) to one of the three European universities for a semester study abroad. Students selected to participate will receive an additional $5,000 Parsons Atlantis Tuition Award toward their Parsons tuition charges during the semester abroad. This award is in addition to the federal $5,000 grant funding for travel and living expenses of students while in Europe.

At The New School, students in graduate urban programs at Parsons have priority in being considered for the Atlantis exchange. All other graduate students at Parsons, and students in urban programs across the university, are encouraged to apply.

Please note that students are not eligible to receive Parsons tuition awards in excess of the full cost of tuition for the semester, and as such, some Atlantis Transatlantic Exchange Program participants may not be eligible for the matching Atlantis Tuition Award.

Students interested in applying for the Atlantis program should contact professors Brian McGrath (Atlantis Research Director, or Miodrag Mitrasinovic (Atlantis Project Director, for further information. Applicants can also send protocol-related questions as well as application material to Nancy Ferro at