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Mission Statement

Advising is a core component of the academic experience at Parsons. Interactions between advisors and students extend the teaching and learning objectives of the university beyond the classroom. Students may encounter a variety of factors that can affect academic performance as they work toward their degrees, and advisors are able to address many of these issues from a developmental perspective. Because of their extensive knowledge of campus resources, advisors also teach students how to navigate the university system and act as liaisons between students and university services staff. Additionally, advisors help students learn how to communicate with faculty and other academic leadership when policy issues arise. The advisor’s role is to provide information and create a supportive environment.


Academic advisors aspire to engage students in making informed decisions and understanding the responsibilities connected with their decisions. We cultivate an environment where students will flourish creatively and intellectually, becoming artists and designers whose ideas and products will improve the world in which we all live.


Through a collaborative student-centered approach, advisors at Parsons guide every student in developing an educational plan to realize the student's goals.


  • Be accessible to students through office hours and appointments
  • Know curricular requirements for degree programs
  • Assist students in the development of strong decision-making skills
  • Promote academic and student development programming that enhances students’ educational experiences
  • Interpret and implement Parsons and university policies and procedures
  • Assess students’ needs and make appropriate referrals
  • Maintain accurate student records
  • Protect students' privacy (abide by FERPA regulations)
  • Maintain professionalism by being knowledgeable of the larger Parsons and university communities
  • Affirm that students are ultimately responsible for their own decisions and the outcomes of those decisions

STUDENT Responsibilities

  • Approach the advising process with informed questions and adequate preparation
  • Proactively use the resources provided by Parsons and the university
  • Regularly check their academic records and maintain current contact information through
  • Activate and regularly check their university email
  • Be aware of their right to confidentiality under FERPA guidelines
  • Be aware of their program and degree requirements and projected date of graduation
  • Be aware of posted registration deadlines (add, drop, withdraw and refund) and complete all registration activities within these deadlines
  • Meet as needed with an advisor during posted office hours or by appointment
  • Be respectful when communicating with others at the university


Advising services are administered through the Office of Advising led by the assistant dean of advising and the directors of advising within each of Parsons' five schools (Art, Media, and Technology; Art and Design History and Theory; Constructed Environments; Design Strategies; and Fashion). Each school has its own full-time academic advisors. Students are assigned an advisor based on the student's program of study.

All members of the advising staff work closely with the academic leadership and faculty of the school and the Parsons Office of Student Affairs to answer questions about academic policies, majors, degree requirements, course offerings, and career development. To provide assistance in areas like billing, financial aid, time and stress management, and enhancing students' written and oral presentation skills, the advising staff will  consult with and refer students to University Student Services offices: Health Services, Housing, International Student Services, Registrar, Student Disability Services, Student Financial Services, Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, and the Writing Center.

Advisors keep walk-in hours or are available by appointment. Contact an advisor by calling 212.229.5855 or by visiting the Office of Advising at 2 West 13th Street, Room 506 (except School of Fashion advising is located at 232 West 40th Street, 12th floor).