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Requesting Studio Models

To request a model:

  • Faculty must place a request at least two weeks prior to the class.
  • It is preferred that faculty make requests for the whole semester in advance.
  • A file will be sent to you to fill out your requests
  • Special requests require three weeks advance notice.
  • Special requests include: fashion, blond, brunette, person of color, pale, tall short, full figure, thin, costume, 2 models, etc.)
  • Email requests are preferred over phone calls, email:
  • Requests placed with less than two week's notice risk not having a model present for class.
  • Models are seen by appointment only.

For additional information about models' availability and other regulations governing their work, please contact Ivan Torres, Model Coordinator at (2 West 13th Street, room #601A, 917-682-3557, 212-229-8983).