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Students accepted to bachelor's or associate's programs are permitted to defer enrollment for up to one year provided they pay the $500 deposit to secure their place by the deadline given in their acceptance packet.

The deferral option is available only for students who wish to attend Parsons at the same level at which they have been accepted. Students who wish to enter Parsons at a higher level than that at which they were accepted (e.g., sophomore rather than freshman entry) must reapply to the appropriate level and program with updated materials, and admission at the new level is not guaranteed.

Note: Deferral from fall semester to spring semester entry for transfer students may not be permitted for the following programs:

  • BFA Fashion Design
  • BFA Integrated Design
  • BFA Product Design
  • BFA Interior Design
  • BFA Architectural Design

Contact the Office of Admission at with any questions you may have about the deferral process.