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Readmission and Reapplication


Students seeking to return to the university after an extended period away must apply for readmission.

Situations requiring readmission:

  • Dismissal
  • Unofficial or approved exit from Parsons without returning after four semesters (two academic years)
  • Official withdrawal from a Parsons degree program

If you left Parsons for any of these reasons, please complete the Application for Readmission and follow the submission instructions.

The readmission application requires you to write a Letter of Intent. Your letter should include relevant information regarding reasons for leaving Parsons; academic status at the time of departure; activities since leaving including study at other institutions; and future goals.

If you have enrolled elsewhere (including other divisions of The New School) since you last attended Parsons, please include an official transcript of your course of study.

If health difficulties affected your course of study at Parsons, please provide an update on your health and a recommendation from a qualified medical or mental health clinician.

If you have been working, a recommendation from your employer would be helpful.

Some applicants may also be required to submit a portfolio.

Deadlines: To be considered for readmission for the fall semester, you must submit the complete application no later than August 1; to be considered for readmission for the spring semester, you must submit your application no later than November 15.

If you have any questions about the readmission criteria or process, please call The Office of Advising at 212.229.5855 or write to


Previously rejected applicants, applicants whose application materials were incomplete, and accepted applicants who did not enroll but now wish to be reconsidered for admission must all reapply.

  • If you applied less than one year prior to your new intended entry term, you need not resubmit supporting application materials already received by the admission committee.
  • If you are reapplying for admission at a higher level (or have attended any college or university) since your initial application was submitted, you must submit new materials showing that you have made appropriate academic progress since your last application.
  • In either case, your application materials are subject to a fresh review by the admission committee.
  • You must adhere to the standard admission deadlines for submission of application materials.

Readmission Process for Members of the Uniformed Services

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 requires that students who left school to serve in the uniformed services shall be readmitted into the same program with the same standing they had when they left. For more information, please download this information.