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Faculty / Victoria Vesna, Director of Research


Multimedia artist Victoria Vesna is a serial collaborator. She forms partnerships with scientists to research subjects such as nanoscale science, which she then interprets in interactive video installations and other artwork. As a teacher, she collaborates with students on research for her art projects. But in her new position as director of research in Parsons' new Art, Media, and Technology program, her ability to bring people together will be used to its maximum potential.

Vesna also holds a joint position at UCLA (where she used to work full time), and the idea is that the art, media, and technology departments at two institutions will form a close tie. “We will bring faculty from Parsons and The New School who are doing research and are interested in accessing scientific labs and collaborating with scientists to UCLA’s arts science center” she says, “So the East-West connection also becomes an art, science, and technology connection.” But the art media and technology center will also reach out to institutions across the board, ”There’s a natural impetus that’s happening anyway,” says Vesna. “Since there’s more and more collaboration happening across faculties and disciplines and institutions globally. And The New School and Parsons has always been historically innovative in thinking about how academia and research can work together. It’s all very exciting!”

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