Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.


Amy Benczik Fabry Photo

Alumni / Amy Benczik Fabry

β€œAt Parsons, we had unparalleled access to these amazing collections,” recalls Amy Be...

Sarah Lichtman Photo

Faculty / Sarah Lichtman

Sarah Lichtman took a circuitous route to her present position as director of Parsons...

Adriana Kertzer Photo

Alumni / Adriana Kertzer

Adriana Kertzer is a curator who is passionate about cultural theory and design. She ...

David Brody Photo

Faculty / David Brody

David Brody resists being confined to one disciplinary box. His research and teaching...

Anna Hu Photo

Alumni / Anna Hu

Anna Hu grew up around gems; her father was a diamond dealer. She studied cello and a...

Sarah Lawrence Photo

Faculty / Sarah Lawrence

The key to understanding the future of design may be hidden in our pre-industrial pas...

Ghenete  Zelleke  Photo

Alumni / Ghenete Zelleke

β€œI thought that as I progressed in my career, my interests would narrow,” says Ghenet...

Aidan O'Connor Photo

Alumni / Aidan O'Connor

The year after Aidan O'Connor earned her undergraduate degree in Archeology and Socia...