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Coco Fusco

Faculty / Coco Fusco, Director of Intermedia Initiatives


“School is about finding yourself, and art school is really about finding the artist inside you,” says well-known interdisciplinary artist, writer, and Parsons Director of Intermedia Initiatives Coco Fusco. In her own practice, Fusco combines electronic media and performance in formats that range from interactive, live Internet streaming to large scale projections. Her work often explores political relations and gender issues, such as the role of female interrogators in the “War on Terror.” However, Fusco strongly believes that it’s important to separate her own practice from her teaching and nurture her students’ talent without imposing her own artistic views. “I’m here to teach students how to become the best artists they can be in the way that they want to be, not in the way that I am,” she says. “I feel that it’s very important for teachers to allow students to realize their own dreams.”

Fusco says that the way to do this is through interaction and constructive commentary. “Engage the students in dialogue to sharpen their own perceptions of their work. Find out who each artist is and what he or she wants to develop and learn.” she says. The slow and painstaking process of becoming an artist also has a lot to do with personal growth, according to Fusco. “We have to find strengths in ourselves and cultivate those strengths,” she says.

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