Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.

Program Information


Registration for summer 2015 classes opens Tuesday, November 18, 2014, at 10:00 a.m.

Registration for fall 2015 classes opens mid-July (TBA).


Summer 2015 classes: August 3–14

Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–3:50 p.m. (grades 6–12); Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–12:00 noon  OR 9:00 a.m.–3:50 p.m. if enrolling in afternoon Big Beat: Brazilian Drumming
(grades 3–5)

Fall 2015 classes: TBA


All classes meet at our Greenwich Village campus, either at

  • 2 West 13th Street, just off Fifth Avenue OR
  • 6 East 16th Street, just off Fifth Avenue OR
  • 63 Fifth Avenue at 13th Street

The campus is easily accessible by public transportation. For detailed directions and student drop-off and pick-up instructions, see Student and Parent Resources.

College Credit

Parsons Pre-College Academy is a noncredit program. Students in grades 9–12 who plan to apply to colleges of art and design should consider enrolling in the Certificate Program.

Out-of-Class Assignments

Faculty members generally expect Pre-College Academy students to complete short homework assignments that reinforce material presented in the classroom. This encourages students to develop their skills and work independently.


Senior-level Pre-College Academy classes may use nude models. Junior- and elementary-level classes will use only clothed models.


Art supply requirements vary by course. Students are responsible for providing their own art supplies. Supply lists are distributed on the first day of class. A list of local art supply stores is published on our Student and Parent Resources page.