Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.

Global Learning

Practicing art and design requires an understanding of the world as a place interconnected by technological, environmental, economic, and cultural networks. Parsons offers learning opportunities on our New York City campus as well as online and abroad to prepare students to work in global contexts.

Global Connections

Parsons' curriculum offers an array of global learning opportunities, including study abroad options, projects with external partners overseas, and classes that position creative and entrepreneurial activity in an international framework. Parsons is also leading new initiatives at the university to establish centers of learning that will anchor our expanding global presence.

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overseas Initiatives

With the re-establishment of Parsons Paris and the opening of new academic centers in Shanghai and other major cities, our global initiatives are building learning networks that will connect the world's major urban centers of art and design. These initiatives join our existing study abroad offerings, online courses, and educational partnerships in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The plan allows us to share our proven educational methodology and give students opportunities to learn and work in real-world settings. Our goal is to develop students' global awareness, cultural literacy, and familiarity with the systems that shape creative, humanitarian, and entrepreneurial endeavors around the world.

A Renewed Presence in Paris

In 1921, Parsons became the first American art and design school to establish a campus in Paris. There, in the 1930s, the famous Parsons Table, widely recognized as a model of modern design, was created in a class taught by celebrated interior designer Jean-Michel Frank. Paris has since remained an ideal setting for exploring the areas in which Parsons has distinguished itself, including fashion design, fine arts, media, and design management.

Parsons re-established its Paris campus in fall 2013. The new Parsons Paris offers bachelor's and master's degree programs as well as several summer programs, allowing students to pursue a Parsons education that draws on the design resources unique to Paris.

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A Model for Curricula in India

Global in theory, global in practice, first-rate design education requires an understanding of socially focused design education all over the world. Parsons continues to expand its network of global hubs and is now partnering with the Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI) to open a school in the dynamic city of Mumbai.

Parsons has contributed undergraduate and graduate curricula and faculty for ISDI's undergraduate program, which enrolled its first students in summer 2013. 

As ISDI’s course offerings expand, Parsons students will be eligible to study in this emerging world design center. Parsons Mumbai will simultaneously serve as the institutional base for study abroad options, visiting faculty, and creative collaborations with ISDI and Parsons scholars in New York and globally.