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Game Design

The game design industry is changing rapidly. That's why the bachelor's degree program in Design and Technology at Parsons encourages you to become skilled in many platforms—from game design for traditional console and video, to game design for online interactive and mobile media, to game design for social networks like Facebook and YouTube.

Changing with the Industry

The game design industry has rapidly moved away from large-scale, big-budget productions—often directly connected to the film industry—to casual games, online games, and mobile games. In this environment, Parsons' relationships with Google, Yahoo, and Apple are as relevant as its relationships with big production houses like Disney, Warner Bros., and Electronic Arts. Unlike typical game design degree programs, game design at Parsons is closely linked with interaction design, animation, and motion graphics.

New Opportunities

The platform shift toward online, mobile, and casual gaming has led to a revolution in entrepreneurial activity in creative technologies. Games and apps for platforms like the iPhone, iPad, and Android give students and recent graduates opportunities for significant financial gain through talent and hard work.

Serious Games

This program also equips those interested in noncommercial game design with the skills to succeed. Design and Technology engages with the growing use of games in many different aspects of society, such as games to explore activism, social change, scientific and informational visualization, and education. The application of game play and game design to the learning process is powerful and reflected in Parsons' participation in initiatives like Quest to Learn, a pioneering curriculum that integrates digital tools with traditional learning methods, and Games for Change, a nonprofit that develops games aiming to have positive social outcomes.

At the Gaming Epicenter

New York is the epicenter of new gaming trends. The city features many mobile media and casual gaming development houses and a massive, independent game developers community. Parsons plays a leading role in that community as host school for the northeast chapter of the Independent Game Developers Association (IDGA).

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