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Parsons Paris.


Game Design

Game design has greatly influenced other areas of design through motivating and engaging play experiences. At Parsons, our BFA Design and Technology students become skillful game designers addressing important cultural contexts — designing games to explore activism, social change, scientific and informational visualization and education.

Connecting the dots

Parsons connects game design to a broader world view. Here students work with designers of all creative domains, including interaction design, installation art and exhibit design, and experimental performance. Students are encouraged to establish their own unique game design pipeline and become a motivating, engaging, and persuisive play master. From entrepreneurial independent game developers in New York to disaster educators in remote villages of South Africa (see PETlab), our almuni and faculty have taken their game designs into countless artistic and socially relevant forums all around the world.

New Opportunities

The application of game play and game design is a powerful force in pioneering new digital experiences, and the BFA Design and Technology program equips those interested in this field with the skills to succeed.

The platform shift toward online, mobile, and casual gaming has led to a revolution in creative gaming methods. Studies in immersive, multi-player and mobile gaming platforms, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android, provide students valuable learning experiences in these newly pervasive technologies.

Serious Games

Parsons participates in initiatives like Quest to Learn, a public school that integrates digital tools and game design with traditional learning methods, and Games for Change, a nonprofit that develops games aiming to have positive social outcomes, which illustrates a commitment to and engagement with this growing use of games in many different aspects of society.

At the Gaming Epicenter

New York is the epicenter of new gaming trends. The city features many mobile media and gaming development houses and a massive, independent game developers community. Parsons plays a leading role in that community as host school for the northeast chapter of the Independent Game Developers Association (IDGA).

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