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Music For Shiloh: Melanie Crean, With John Welsh And Gillian Walsh

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5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Music for Shiloh, directed by Melanie Crean, is a piece with a sound score by John Welsh from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music and a movement score written by Gillian Walsh from Eugene Lang College’s Dance Studies program. The piece reflects on the performative development of an infant over a two-year period, from birth through the use of persuasive language, decisive movement, and acquisition of independent subjectivity. The scores were based on a series of one-minute video clips, recorded every month for 24 months and rotoscoped into a series of increasingly abstract images. Shiloh Parnass, the child who inspired the scores, will be in attendance to witness the full cycle of the work being reinterpreted.

This event is a part of the Parsons Festival 2011.

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Wollman Hall at The New School, 66 West 12th Street at Sixth Avenue, through Vera List Courtyard to elevator near Cafeteria to 5th Floor

Free; no tickets or reservations required; seating is first-come first-served