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Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.


Part-time Faculty

The following part-time faculty teach in this School:

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Peter Alfano, Part-time Lecturer
Adam Ames, Part-time Assistant Professor
Kamrooz Aram, Part-time Assistant Professor
Gabriel Asfour, Part-time Lecturer
Biruta Auna, Part-time Lecturer
Kees Bakker, Part-time Lecturer
Justin Bakse, Part-time Lecturer
Nurit Bar-Shai, Part-time Lecturer
Emily Barnett, Part-time Assistant Professor
Josh Barrell, Part-time Assistant Professor
Ulrike Barta, Part-time Lecturer
Catherine Bartholomew, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
George Bates, Part-time Assistant Professor
Edward Baumgarten, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Ana Benaroya, Part-time Lecturer
Claudia Bernett, Part-time Lecturer
Annette Berry, Part-time Lecturer
Guy Billout, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Marc Blaustein, Part-time Lecturer
Justin Blinder, Part-time Lecturer
Bradley Blondes, Part-time Lecturer
Stephen Blue, Part-time Assistant Professor
Quincy Bock, Part-time Lecturer
Nathan Bond, Part-time Assistant Professor
Anne Bonney, Part-time Assistant Professor

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