Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.


The following faculty teach in this program:

Full-time Faculty

Alan Bruton, Assistant Professor of Interior Design, Constructed Environment...
Robert Kirkbride, Associate Dean of SCE and Associate Professor of Architect...
Johanne Woodcock, Associate Professor, Constructed Environments
Alfred Zollinger, Associate Professor of Architecture and Interior Design, C...

Part-time Faculty

Victoria Benatar, Part-time Assistant Professor
Wid Chapman, Part-time Assistant Professor
Egbert Chu, Part-time Lecturer
Michelle Cianfaglione, Part-time Lecturer
David Crandall, Part-time Assistant Professor
Luben Dimcheff, Part-time Assistant Professor
Natalie Fizer, Part-time Assistant Professor
Charlotte Hagen-Cazes, Part-time Lecturer
Jason Hudspeth, Part-time Lecturer
Justin Huxol, Part-time Lecturer
Aya Maceda, Part-time Lecturer
Jennifer Stearns, Part-time Assistant Professor
Tania Ursomarzo, Part-time Lecturer
Federica Vannucchi, Part-time Lecturer
Jose Vidalon, Part-time Lecturer
Kevin Walz, Part-time Lecturer