Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.


The following faculty teach in this program:

Full-time Faculty

William Bevington, Associate Professor of Information Mapping, Art, Media an...
Thomas Bosket, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Art, Media and Technol...
David Carroll, Associate Professor, Art, Media and Technology
Juliette Cezzar, Assistant Professor of Communication Design, Art, Media and...
Gregory Climer, Assistant Professor of Fashion Design, Fashion
Melanie Crean, Assistant Professor of Communication Design, and Technology, ...
Yolande Daniels, Visiting Associate Professor of Architecture
Vincent Gargiulo, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, Art, Media and Technolog...
Pascal Glissmann, Assistant Professor of Communication Design, Art, Media an...
Julia Gorton, Assistant Professor of Communication Design, Art, Media and Te...
Steven Guarnaccia, Associate Professor of Illustration, Art, Media and Techn...
Charles Harbutt, Associate Professor of Photography, Art, Media and Technolo...
Aaron Hill, Assistant Professor of Data Visualization, Art, Media and Techno...
Ben Katchor, Associate Professor of Illustration, Art, Media and Technology
Edward Keller, Associate Professor of Design Strategies and Director of the ...
Nora Krug, Associate Professor of Illustration, Art, Media and Technology
Kan Yang Li, Assistant Professor of Communication Design and Technology, Art...
Colleen Macklin, Associate Professor of Media Design in the School of Art, M...
Lydia Matthews, Professor of Visual Culture, Art, Media and Technology
Jeanine Oleson, Assistant Professor of Photography, Art, Media and Technolog...
Arthur Ou, Assistant Professor of Photography, Art, Media and Technology
YuJune Park, Assistant Professor of Communication Design
Jane Pirone, Assistant Professor of Communications Design, Art, Media and Te...
George Pitts, Assistant Professor of Photography, Art, Media and Technology
Daniel Sauter, Associate Professor of Data Visualization
Colin Stearns, Assistant Professor of Photography, Art, Media and Technology
Lucille Tenazas, Associate Dean of AMT and Henry Wolf Professor of Communica...
Sven Travis, Associate Professor of Media and Design, Art, Media and Technol...
Julia Wargaski, Assistant Professor of Communication Design, Art, Media and ...
Thomas Werner, Assistant Professor of Photography, Art, Media and Technology

Part-time Faculty

Biruta Auna, Part-time Lecturer
Josh Barrell, Part-time Assistant Professor
Catherine Bartholomew, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
George Bates, Part-time Assistant Professor
Edward Baumgarten, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Annette Berry, Part-time Lecturer
Bradley Blondes, Part-time Lecturer
Stephen Blue, Part-time Assistant Professor
Kevin Brainard, Part-time Assistant Professor
Keri Bronk, Part-time Lecturer
Luke Bulman, Part-time Lecturer
Martha Burgess, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
A.K. Burns, Part-time Lecturer
Paul Carlos, Part-time Assistant Professor
Natasha Chandani, Part-time Lecturer
Deborah Chaney, Part-time Lecturer
Marcos Chavez, Part-time Lecturer
Dennis Cheung, Part-time Assistant Professor
Minnie Choi, Part-time Lecturer
Hsien-Yin Chou, Part-time Lecturer
Vincent Cianni, Part-time Assistant Professor
Maya Ciarrocchi, Part-time Lecturer
Noel Claro, Part-time Assistant Professor, Art, Media and Technology
Lorenzo Clayton, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Arlene Collins, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Michael Connor, Part-time Lecturer
Paul Corio, Part-time Assistant Professor
Alison Cornyn, Part-time Lecturer
Alexis Cuadrado, Part-time Lecturer
Patricia Cummings, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Andy Dayton, Part-time Lecturer
Aurora De Armendi, Part-time Assistant Professor
Cecilia Dean, Part-time Assistant Professor
Onno DeJong, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Neil Donnelly, Part-time Lecturer
Marie Dormuth, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Jill Enfield, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
John Farrar, Part-time Assistant Professor
Greg Foley, Part-time Assistant Professor
Carol Fonde, Part-time Assistant Professor
Nicholas Fortugno, Part-time Assistant Professor
Morry Galonoy, Part-time Assistant Professor
Aneta Genova, Part-time Assistant Professor
Patrick Gerard, Part-time Lecturer
Yuri Gitman, Part-time Assistant Professor
Neil Goldberg, Part-time Lecturer
Ken Golden, Part-time Assistant Professor
Carlos Gomez de Llarena, Part-time Lecturer
Tiya Gordon, Part-time Assistant Professor
Brendan Griffiths, Part-time Lecturer
Thomas Griffiths, Part-time Lecturer
Michael Grimaldi, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Roni Gross, Part-time Lecturer
Geoffrey Han, Part-time Lecturer
Berton Hasebe, Part-time Lecturer
Donald Hearn, Part-time Assistant Professor
Jacob Heftmann, Part-time Lecturer
David Heinlein, Part-time Assistant Professor
Erica Heinz, Part-time Lecturer
Owen Herterich, Part-time Lecturer
Tiffany Hockin, Part-time Lecturer
Jeanette Hodge-Abbink, Part-time Lecturer
Timothy Hodler, Part-time Lecturer
Nol Honig, Part-time Assistant Professor
Katherine Hubbard, Part-time Lecturer
David Justus, Part-time Lecturer
Tyler Kelley, Part-time Lecturer
Ryan Kelly, Part-time Lecturer
Steven Kennedy, Part-time Assistant Professor
Kristen Kersh, Part-time Lecturer
Elle Jeong Eun Kim, Part-time Lecturer
Hoon Kim, Part-time Lecturer
Michael Kirk, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Ernesto Klar, Part-time Assistant Professor
Chelsea Knight, Part-time Lecturer
Hyo Jung Kwon, Part-time Lecturer
Caspar Lam, Part-time Lecturer
Brian Lav, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Glenn LaVertu, Part-time Assistant Professor
Veronica Lawlor, Part-time Assistant Professor
Andrew LeClair, Part-time Lecturer
Norene Leddy, Part-time Assistant Professor
Tony Lee, Part-time Lecturer
Megan Lewis, Part-time Lecturer
Alex Lin, Part-time Lecturer
Jonathan Lu, Part-time Lecturer
Curtis MacDonald, Part-time Lecturer
Graham Macindoe, Part-time Lecturer
Tamara Maletic, Part-time Assistant Professor
Allison Maletz, Part-time Lecturer
Nidhi Malhotra, Part-time Lecturer
Paul Marcus, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Adi Marom, Part-time Lecturer
Robert Maynard, Part-time Lecturer
Martin Mazorra, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
David McManus, Part-time Assistant Professor
Tom McManus, Part-time Assistant Professor
Ken Meier, Part-time Lecturer
Nino Mendolia, Part-time Assistant Professor
Leigh Mignogna, Part-time Lecturer
Luke Miller, Part-time Lecturer
James Montalbano, Part-time Assistant Professor
Fred Murhammer, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Scott Nobles, Part-time Assistant Professor
Benjamin Norskov, Part-time Lecturer
Frank Olinsky, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Rachel Ostrow, Part-time Lecturer
Carol Peligian, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
William Phipps, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Domenick Propati, Part-time Assistant Professor
Sarah Rasmussen, Part-time Lecturer
Brett Renfer, Part-time Lecturer
Michael Robinson, Part-time Assistant Professor
Peter Rostovsky, Part-time Lecturer
Conor Russomanno, Part-time Lecturer
Richard Salcer, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Mehdi Salehi, Part-time Lecturer
Mira Schor, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Jeffrey Scudder, Part-time Lecturer
Alexandro Segade, Part-time Lecturer
Anna Sharp, Part-time Lecturer
Paul Shaw, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Andrew Shea, Part-time Lecturer
Andrew Shurtz, Part-time Lecturer
Kate Sicchio, Part-time Lecturer
Elizabeth Slagus, Part-time Lecturer
Adrian Smith, Part-time Lecturer
Gavin Spielman, Part-time Assistant Professor
Matthew Sporzynski, Part-time Assistant Professor
Mark Stafford, Part-time Assistant Professor
Ken Tanabe, Part-time Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Tancil, Part-time Lecturer
Robert Trostle, Part-time Lecturer
Patrick Van Hoof, Part-time Lecturer
Silvia Vega-Llona, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Jonathan Vingiano, Part-time Lecturer
Jonathon Wajskol, Part-time Assistant Professor
Michael Waldron, Part-time Assistant Professor
Edward Walter, Part-time Assistant Professor
Ping Yi Wang, Part-time Lecturer
Mike Wasilewski, Part-time Lecturer
Brian Watterson, Part-time Lecturer
Jessica Weber, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Sandra Wheeler, Part-time Lecturer
Michael Wiemeyer, Part-time Assistant Professor
Katherine Witherell, Part-time Assistant Professor
Willy Wong, Part-time Lecturer
Dan Yaccarino, Part-time Lecturer
Robert Yang, Part-time Lecturer
David Yun, Part-time Lecturer
Maxim Zhukov, Part-time Assistant Professor
Alexandra Zsigmond, Part-time Lecturer
Roy Zucca, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor