Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.



The following faculty teach in this program:

Full-time Faculty

Craig Bernecker, Associate Professor of Lighting Design, Constructed Environ...
Alan Bruton, Assistant Professor, Constructed Environments
Jean Gardner, Associate Professor of Social-Ecological History and Design, C...
Alexis Kraft, Assistant Professor of Architecture and Director of BFA in Arc...

Part-time Faculty

Jeremy Barbour, Part-time Assistant Professor
Andreas Benzing, Part-time Lecturer
Jessica Birnbaum, Part-time Lecturer
Nicholas Brinen, Part-time Assistant Professor
Benjamin Cadena, Part-time Lecturer
Nicholas Chelko, Part-time Lecturer
Michelle Cianfaglione, Part-time Lecturer
David Crandall, Part-time Assistant Professor
Natalie Fizer, Part-time Assistant Professor
Carlo Frugiuele, Part-time Assistant Professor
Brenda Galvez-Moretti, Part-time Lecturer
William Haskas, Part-time Lecturer
Jason Hudspeth, Part-time Lecturer
Nancy Kim, Part-time Lecturer
David Lee, Part-time Lecturer
Edwin May, Part-time Lecturer
Michael Morris, Part-time Assistant Professor
Eva Perez de Vega, Part-time Assistant Professor
Amanda Waal, Part-time Lecturer

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