Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.


The following faculty teach in this program:

Full-time Faculty

Andrea Bell, Postdoctoral Fellow in Art and Design History
Margot Bouman, Program Director, Visual Studies, Art and Design History and ...
David Brody, Associate Professor of Design Studies, Art and Design History a...
Selena Kimball, Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art Practice, Art, Media...
Sarah Lichtman, Assistant Professor of Design History, Art and Design Histor...
Rachel Lifter, Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies, Art and Design Histor...
Allyson McDavid, Visiting Assistant Professor in Material and Visual Culture
Christina Moon, Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies, Art and Design Histo...
Rory O'Dea, Assistant Professor of Art History
Rosemary O'Neill, Associate Professor of Art History, Art and Design History...
Ethan Robey, Assistant Professor of History of Decorative Arts and Design, A...
Ioanna Theocharopoulou, Assistant Professor of Interior Design, Constructed ...
Anthony Whitfield, Associate Professor of Art and Design, Art and Design His...
Serdar Yalcin, Postdoctoral Fellow in Design Studies

Part-time Faculty

Sonya Abrego, Part-time Lecturer
Alexandra Anderson, Part-time Assistant Professor
Jaime Arredondo, Part-time Assistant Professor
Roi Baron, Part-time Lecturer
Daniella Berman, Part-time Lecturer
Marina Blitshteyn, Part-time Lecturer
Marshall Blonsky, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Barbara Bordnick, Part-time Assistant Professor
Julia Borowicz, Part-time Lecturer
Maureen Brewster, Part-time Lecturer
Elizabeth M Chakkappan, Part-time Assistant Professor
Song Chong, Part-time Lecturer
Lucy Chudson, Part-time Lecturer
Marilyn Cohen, Part-time Assistant Professor
Bradley Collins, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Liz Donato, Part-time Lecturer
Ruth Eisenberg, Part-time Assistant Professor
Eve Eisenstadt, Part-time Assistant Professor
Megan Elevado, Part-time Lecturer
Sharyn Finnegan, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Michelle Fisher, Part-time Lecturer
Jessica Glasscock, Part-time Assistant Professor
Nancy Grove, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Jessica Gumora, Part-time Lecturer
Laurence Hegarty, Part-time Assistant Professor
Kathleen Hofstadter, Part-time Lecturer
Christian Hubert, Part-time Assistant Professor
Michelle Jackson, Part-time Lecturer
Edward Jefferson, Part-time Lecturer
Arnold Klein, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Anna Kurennaya, Part-time Lecturer
Amy Kurzweil, Part-time Lecturer
Peter Macapia, Part-time Lecturer
Danielle Mastrangelo, Part-time Lecturer
Valerie Mendelson, Part-time Assistant Professor
Emily Miller, Part-time Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Morano, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Meredith Mowder, Part-time Lecturer
Jane Necol, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Rebecca Nison, Part-time Lecturer
Rebekah Pollock, Part-time Lecturer
Melissa Rachleff, Part-time Assistant Professor
Cortland Rankin, Part-time Lecturer
Meredith Russo, Part-time Lecturer
Margaret Samu, Part-time Lecturer
Helio SanMiguel, Part-time Assistant Professor
Thomai Serdari, Part-time Lecturer
Susan Sherman, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Leah Sweet, Part-time Assistant Professor, Art and Design History and Theory
Terry Towery, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Dora Vanette, Part-time Lecturer
Silvia Vega-Llona, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Rashmi Viswanathan, Part-time Lecturer
Sylvie Vitaglione, Part-time Lecturer
Alice Walkiewicz, Part-time Lecturer
Leon Waller, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Harry Weil, Part-time Lecturer
Derek Weiler, Part-time Lecturer
Laura Wing, Part-time Lecturer
Matthew Worsnick, Part-time Lecturer
Allison Young, Part-time Lecturer
Raul Zamudio, Part-time Assistant Professor