Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.


The following faculty teach in this program:

Full-time Faculty

Reina Arakji, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Design, Design...
John Bruce, Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Management, Design S...
Jessica Corr, Assistant Professor of Design, Design Strategies
Jose DeJesus, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, Design Strategies
Aaron Fry, Associate Professor of Studio Methods, Design Strategies
Jean Gardner, Associate Professor of Social-Ecological History and Design, C...
Raz Godelnik, Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Management, Design...
Steven Guarnaccia, Associate Professor of Illustration, Art, Media and Techn...
Joseph Heathcott, Associate Professor of Urban Studies, Adult Bachelor's,Des...
Jamer Hunt, Associate Professor of Transdisciplinary Design, Design Strategi...
Jonatan Jelen, Assistant Professor of Design and Management, Design Strategi...
Edward Keller, Associate Professor of Design Strategies and Director of the ...
Selena Kimball, Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art Practice, Art, Media...
Cynthia Lawson, Associate Provost, Design Strategies
Lydia Matthews, Professor of Visual Culture, Art, Media and Technology
Alison Mears, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Design Strategies
Miodrag Mitrasinovic, Associate Professor of Architecture and Urbanism, Desi...
Elliott Montgomery, Assistant Professor of Strategic Design
William Morrish, Professor of Urban Ecologies, Design Strategies
Lisa Norton, Professor of Design Leadership, Design Strategies
Carol Overby, Assistant Professor of Design and Management, Design Strategie...
Gabriela Perez Rendon, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning
Robert Rabinovitz, Associate Professor of Design, Design Strategies
Kristin Reynolds, Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies and Food Stud...
Raoul Rickenberg, Assistant Professor of Design and Research, Design Strateg...
Andrew Robinson, Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Management, Des...
Miguel Robles-Duran, Assistant Professor of Urbanism, Design Strategies
Laura Sansone, Assistant Professor of Alternative Fashion Systems
Franz Christian Schneider, Associate Professor of Strategic Management and D...
Carlos Teixeira, Design Strategies
Georgia Traganou, Associate Professor of Spatial Design, Art and Design Hist...
Evren Uzer, Assistant Professor for Urban Planning
Hans Otto Von Busch, Associate Professor of Integrated Design, Design Strate...

Part-time Faculty

Hala Abdul Malak, Part-time Lecturer
Sara Arnell, Part-time Lecturer
Gabriel Asfour, Part-time Assistant Professor
Larissa Begault, Part-time Lecturer
Ammar Belal, Part-time Lecturer
David Bergman, Part-time Assistant Professor
Eric Brelsford, Part-time Lecturer
Don Charlton, Part-time Lecturer
Ariel Churi, Part-time Assistant Professor
Derrick Cruz, Part-time Lecturer
Domenica De Fazio, Part-time Lecturer
Doremy Diatta, Part-time Lecturer
Kathy Fall, Part-time Lecturer
Pascale Gatzen, Part-time Lecturer, Design Strategies
Joanna Glick, Part-time Lecturer
Bonnie Goldblum, Part-time Lecturer
Brian Gurski, Part-time Lecturer
Thomas Handley, Part-time Assistant Professor
Kaleem Kamboj, Part-time Assistant Professor
Dirk Kammerzell, Part-time Assistant Professor
Richard Kurnit, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Jeongki Lim, Part-time Lecturer
Adam Lubinsky, Part-time Lecturer
Lize Mogel, Part-time Lecturer
Chris Palle, Part-time Lecturer
Mona Patel, Part-time Lecturer
Quilian Riano, Part-time Assistant Professor
Rich Rickaby, Part-time Lecturer
Jeffrey Riman, Part-time Assistant Professor
Bradley Rothenberg, Part-time Lecturer
Rosannah Sandoval, Part-time Lecturer
Matthew Sawyer, Part-time Lecturer
Cynthia Spiegel, Part-time Lecturer
Tim Stock, Part-time Assistant Professor
Michael Turon, Part-time Lecturer
Dawn Verbrigghe, Part-time Assistant Professor
C. Emily Waters, Part-time Assistant Professor
Claudine Wilson, Part-time Lecturer
Amanda Wirth, Part-time Lecturer
Caroline Woolard, Part-time Lecturer
Martin Zagorsek, Part-time Assistant Professor