Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.



The following faculty teach in this program:

Full-time Faculty

Joseph Heathcott, Associate Professor of Urban Studies
Victoria Marshall, Assistant Professor of Urban Design, Design Strategies
Miodrag Mitrasinovic, Associate Professor of Architecture and Urbanism, Desi...
William Morrish, Professor of Urban Ecologies, Design Strategies
Gabriela Perez Rendon, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning
Miguel Robles-Duran, Assistant Professor of Urbanism, Design Strategies
Georgia Traganou, Associate Professor of Spatial Design, Art and Design Hist...

Part-time Faculty

Eric Brelsford, Part-time Lecturer
Neil Freeman, Part-time Lecturer
Mindy Fullilove, Part-time Lecturer
Bonnie Goldblum, Part-time Lecturer
Adam Lubinsky, Part-time Lecturer
Kevin McQueen, Part-time Lecturer
Lize Mogel, Part-time Lecturer
Frank Morales, Part-time Lecturer
Lenina Nadal, Part-time Lecturer
Mary Taylor, Part-time Lecturer

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