Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.



The following faculty teach in this program:

Full-time Faculty

David Carroll, Associate Professor, Art, Media and Technology
Melanie Crean, Assistant Professor of Communication Design, and Technology, ...
Kan Yang Li, Assistant Professor of Communication Design and Technology, Art...
Colleen Macklin, Associate Professor of Media Design in the School of Art, M...
Katherine Moriwaki, Assistant Professor of Media Design, Art, Media and Tech...
Scott Pobiner, Assistant Professor of Information Design and Management, Des...
Anezka Sebek, Associate Professor of Media Design, Art, Media and Technology
Sabine Seymour, Assistant Professor of Fashionable Technology, Art, Media an...
John Sharp, Associate Professor of Games and Learning, Art, Media and Techno...
Sven Travis, Associate Professor of Media and Design, Art, Media and Technol...

Part-time Faculty

Quincy Bock, Part-time Lecturer
Louisa Campbell, Part-time Assistant Professor
Aisen Chacin, Post-Graduate Fellow
Andrew Cogbill, Part-time Lecturer
Anthony Deen, Associate Professor of Architecture
Natacha Diels, Part-time Lecturer
Adiel Fernandez, Part-time Lecturer
Nicholas Fortugno, Part-time Assistant Professor
Aneta Genova, Part-time Assistant Professor
Yuri Gitman, Part-time Assistant Professor
Patricio Gonzalez Vivo, Part-time Lecturer
Ambreen Hussain, Part-time Lecturer
Brad MacDonald, Part-time Lecturer
Barbara Morris, Part-time Assistant Professor
Caitlin Morris, Part-time Lecturer
Ramsey Nasser, Part-time Lecturer
Apon Palanuwech, Part-time Lecturer
Chris Prentice, Part-time Assistant Professor
Jennifer Presto, Part-time Lecturer
Patrick Proctor, Part-time Lecturer
Chris Romero, Part-time Assistant Professor
Conor Russomanno, Part-time Lecturer
Joseph Saavedra, Assistant Professor of Media Design
Alexandra Samuel, Part-time Lecturer
Kate Sicchio, Part-time Lecturer
Ethan Silverman, Part-time Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Stark, Part-time Lecturer
Marko Tandefelt, Part-time Assistant Professor
Roy Vanegas, Part-time Lecturer
Loretta Wolozin, Part-time Assistant Professor
Yuanjin Zhao, Part-time Lecturer
Andrew Zornoza, Part-time Assistant Professor

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