Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.


The following faculty teach in this program:

Full-time Faculty

Craig Bernecker, Associate Professor of Lighting Design, Constructed Environ...
Alice Chun, Assistant Professor, Constructed Environments
Yolande Daniels, Visiting Associate Professor of Architecture
Jean Gardner, Associate Professor of Social-Ecological History and Design, C...
Robert Kirkbride, Associate Dean of SCE and Associate Professor of Architect...
Dave Marin, Assistant Professor of Modeling Technology, Constructed Environm...
Shannon Mattern, Associate Professor of Media Studies, Media Studies
Derek Porter, Associate Professor of Lighting Design, Constructed Environmen...
Jonsara Ruth, Director, MFA Interior Design and Assistant Professor of Inter...
Glenn Shrum, Assistant Professor of Lighting Design, Constructed Environment...
Joel Stoehr, Assistant Professor of Modeling Technology, Constructed Environ...
Ioanna Theocharopoulou, Assistant Professor of Interior Design, Constructed ...
Peter Wheelwright, Associate Professor of Architecture, Constructed Environm...
David White, Assistant Professor of Environmental Technology and Material Sc...
Alfred Zollinger, Associate Professor of Architecture and Interior Design, C...

Part-time Faculty

Emily Abruzzo, Part-time Assistant Professor
Kimberly Ackert, Part-time Assistant Professor
Peter Antonelli, Part-time Lecturer
Eve Ashcraft, Part-time Lecturer
Jeremy Barbour, Part-time Assistant Professor
Anne Barrett, Part-time Lecturer
Nicholas Brinen, Part-time Assistant Professor
Luben Dimcheff, Part-time Assistant Professor
Erica Goetz, Part-time Lecturer
Katherine Griffith, Part-time Assistant Professor
John Hartmann, Part-time Lecturer
William Haskas, Part-time Lecturer
Kent Hikida, Part-time Assistant Professor
Chelsea Limbird, Part-time Lecturer
Astrid Lipka, Part-time Assistant Professor
Nadine Maleh, Part-time Lecturer
Lisa Marks, Part-time Lecturer
Daniel Michalik, Assistant Professor of Product and Industrial Design, Constructed Environments
Michael Moran, Part-time Lecturer
Michael Morris, Part-time Assistant Professor
Ricardo Mulero, Part-time Lecturer
Peter Oyler, Part-time Lecturer
Leanora Paniccia, Part-time Lecturer
Aurelia Paradiso, Part-time Lecturer
Elizabeth Parker, Part-time Lecturer
Helen Quinn, Part-time Lecturer
Alex Schweder, Part-time Lecturer
Kimberly Snyder, Part-time Assistant Professor
Kevin Walz, Part-time Lecturer
Jenny Werbell, Part-time Lecturer
Allan Wexler, Part-time Assistant Professor