Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.


The following faculty teach in this program:

Full-time Faculty

Shana Agid, Assistant Professor of Art, Media, and Communication, Art, Media...
Anthony Aziz, Professor of Fine Arts, Art, Media and Technology
Simone Douglas, Associate Professor of Photography, Art, Media and Technolog...
Andrea Geyer, Associate Professor of New Genres, Art, Media and Technology
H. Lan Thao Lam, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
Lydia Matthews, Professor of Visual Culture, Art, Media and Technology
Jeanine Oleson, Assistant Professor of Photography, Art, Media and Technolog...
Arthur Ou, Assistant Professor of Photography, Art, Media and Technology
Donald Porcaro, Chair and Associate Professor, Art, Media and Technology
Sreshta Premnath, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
Kenneth White, Assistant Professor of Visual Studies

Part-time Faculty

Kamrooz Aram, Part-time Assistant Professor
Thomas Butter, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Sammy Cucher, Part-time Assistant Professor
Shoshana Dentz, Part-time Lecturer
Thomas Donovan, Part-time Lecturer
Neil Goldberg, Part-time Lecturer
Iman Issa, Part-time Lecturer
Steffani Jemison, Part-time Lecturer
Alhena Katsof, Part-time Lecturer
Chelsea Knight, Part-time Lecturer
Sowon Kwon, Part-time Lecturer
Cristobal Lehyt, Part-time Lecturer, Art, Media and Technology
Joshua Lubin-Levy, Part-time Lecturer
Lenore Malen, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Kamau Patton, Part-time Lecturer
Ernesto Pujol, Part-time Assistant Professor
Jessica Rankin, Part-time Lecturer
Lucy Raven, Part-time Lecturer
Peter Rostovsky, Part-time Lecturer
Mira Schor, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Alexandro Segade, Part-time Lecturer
Aliza Shvarts, Part-time Lecturer
Brian Tolle, Part-time Assistant Professor
Alexandre Villar, Part-time Lecturer
Jennifer Woolfalk, Part-time Lecturer