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Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.



The following faculty teach in this program:

Full-time Faculty

Craig Bernecker, Associate Professor of Lighting Design, Constructed Environ...
Andrew Bernheimer, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Constructed Environm...
Jean Gardner, Associate Professor of Social-Ecological History and Design, C...
Paul Goldberger, Joseph Urban Professor of Design, Constructed Environments
David Lewis, Associate Professor of Architecture, Constructed Environments
Brian McGrath, Dean, Constructed Environments
Derek Porter, Associate Professor of Lighting Design, Constructed Environmen...
Glenn Shrum, Assistant Professor of Lighting Design, Constructed Environment...
Joel Stoehr, Assistant Professor of Modeling Technology, Constructed Environ...
Peter Wheelwright, Associate Professor of Architecture, Constructed Environm...
Alfred Zollinger, Associate Professor of Architecture and Interior Design, C...

Part-time Faculty

Kimberly Ackert, Part-time Assistant Professor
Anne Barrett, Part-time Lecturer
Francesca Bastianini, Part-time Lecturer
Jennifer Bolstad, Part-time Lecturer
Megan Casey, Part-time Lecturer
Noah Chasin, Part-time Lecturer
Zachary Colbert
Bonnie Davis, Part-time Lecturer
Luben Dimcheff, Part-time Assistant Professor
Glenn Forley, Part-time Assistant Professor
J. Reid A. Freeman, Part-time Lecturer
Mark Gardner, Part-time Lecturer
Erica Goetz, Part-time Lecturer
Katherine Griffith, Part-time Assistant Professor
Stephen Horner, Part-time Lecturer
Nelson Jenkins, Part-time Assistant Professor
Mia Kang, Part-time Lecturer
Daniel Kidd, Part-time Lecturer
Karen Kubey
Astrid Lipka, Part-time Assistant Professor
Jing Liu, Part-time Lecturer
Amer Maleh, Part-time Lecturer
Harriet Markis, Part-time Assistant Professor
Walter Meyer, Part-time Lecturer
Jason Neches, Part-time Lecturer
Owen Nichols
Davidson Norris, Part-time Lecturer
Mitchell Owen, Part-time Assistant Professor
Brian Phillips, Part-time Lecturer
Mark Rakatansky, Part-time Assistant Professor
Nathalie Rozot, Part-time Associate Teaching Professor
Cynthia Silber, Part-time Lecturer
Samuel Jon Westbrook Weston, Part-time Lecturer
Edward Winston, Part-time Assistant Professor
Bryan Young, Part-time Lecturer

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