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Stephen Ang

Stephen   Ang

Part-time Assistant Professor

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  • My education and professional career began as a draftsman and facilities planner for engineers and architects; and I gradually segued from precision and perspective, to syncopation and composition performing music (cafes, events, recording), and working as a visual artist in the retail and photo industry. Curiosity and imagination were the impetus to explore the arts, and my altruistic nature was the guide to academia. As an educator my courses ranged from watercolor/drawing, photostyling, art & design business to visual thinking for business, and my inspirations ranged from the calligraphic spirit of landscapes and taijiquan, syncopated visual and musical rhythms to the sensibility of Shakespeare sonnets.

    I am co-founder of, a NY boutique agency in the photo/design industry, and I educate entrepreneurs on visual thinking, concept development and the wellness of their business. My intention is to provide valuable resources and guidance as each individual organizes their thoughts process, aligns visuals with vision and discovers imaginative solutions to unanswered inquiries. As an educator and creative, I inspire individuals to assert their strengths, nurture their differences and reflect the best; honesty, respect and benevolence.

    Recent Publications:

    Washington Post Cover - October 2014


    Research Interests:

    visual thinking, concept development, product presentation, visual narratives, health & wellness

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