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  • Nina Ilieva is a register architect and a urbanist,  educated both in Europe and USA, founder of non for profit organization ADAPTations, which  is focusing on local and international cross-disciplinary  networks, reflecting  and responding to dynamic cultural  and geopolitical  transformations happening  around  the world, and in particular in South Eastern Europe, to broaden our knowledge and understanding in the  architecture and urban design field; new alliances forming  multi-cultural and cross-disciplinary collaboration redefining how urbanism is perceived, crossing  territories historically  uncrossed,  creating  a new framework  for rediscovering  our  profession in the years to  come .New spatial /urban  typologies emerging  from different  political, social  and ethnic conditions, as well as from  different regions and territories. Adaptive strategies stimulating multicultural, social, cultural and economic co existence, creating inclusive, sustainable, more culturally diverse and humane cities.

    Nina is currently working in collaborations with urbanists, anthropologists, politician from Europe and USA  on developing  innovative and sustainable strategies for inclusion and physical  and social improvement  of the most  segregated ethnic Romani group in Europe. She is also developing  projects in segregated low income neighborhoods in  Brooklyn, NYC, researching  and comparing strategies in  different geopolitical  regions.

    Nina is also principle of  architectural  firm with  offices in  NYC and Sofia,  where her most recent  projects were apartment in Sofia Bulgaria, and single residences in Houston, TX . Nina is also working as BIM consultant for architecture and urban design firms in NYC.

    Nina Ilieva work  was presented  and exhibited nationally  and internationally such as: Council  for European  Urbanism  in  Oslo,Venice Biennale, Institute for Creative Sustainability  in  Berlin, Sofia Architecture Week in  Sofia, New Musem  Idea City  festival  in  NYC, Pacific  Design  center  in  Los Angeles among  others. She was invited as a urbanist  -expert  at  the Council  of  European  Commission  round-table discussion about  housing  and urban  policy. Her  work  was among  the selected  project  from region Europe from the Holcim award for sustainable construction .


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