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Lisa DeBenedittis

Lisa   DeBenedittis

Associate Dean Curriculum & Instruction and Assistant Professor

Vice Provost

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Alvin Johnson/J.M. Kaplan Building
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  • PhD New York University, 2004;Postdoctoral Candidate, Psychoanalysis. Lisa's current work is both scholarly and (clinical) practice-based, exploring the roles played by context, continuity and texture in the designed environment, at the intersection of psychoanalysis and design. She has published her work in scholarly publications, including Design Principles and Practices, and Crossing Design Boundaries.Lisa is Executive Editor and a founder of the Journal of Design Strategies, and a manuscript reviewer for Pennsylvania State College of Medicine's International Journal of Healthcare and the Humanities.

    Research Interests:
    design research,education,spatial design studies,spatial environments
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    Topics in Pedagogy 1

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