Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.

Katayoun Chamany

Katayoun   Chamany

Associate Professor of Biology

Associate Professor of Biology

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Eugene Lang Building
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  • Recent Publications:

    Chamany K., et al. 2008. “Making Biology Learning Relevant to Students: Integrating People, History, and Context into (College) Biology Teaching. Life Sciences Education. (7):267-278. “Science and Social Justice: Making the Cases for Case Studies.” Journal of College Science Teaching: 54-59. October 2006. Case: “Introduction III. Health.” In Politics and Science: How their interplay results in public policy. Social Research. 73(3): 781-784. October 2006.  Chamany K. 2004-2009. Cell Biology for Life: Online Book and Curriculum. Three modules include: Stem Cells (basic cell biology) Botulinum Toxin (specialized cells and communication), and HPV and Cancer (viral genetics and oncogenesis). Chamany K. 2001. “Ninos Desaparecidos: A Case Study About Genetics and Human Rights.” Journal of College Science Teaching. 31 (1):61-65. Case:

    Research Interests:

    Curriculum development and student learning outcomes assessment; the role of motivation and interest in student learning of biology; stem cell research; the ethics of oocyte donation; public perception and understanding of new biotechnologies and reproductive technologies (ART, PGD, Genetic testing); standard of care and informed consent; HPV and its associated diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines; indigenous knowledge and resources as they related to benefit sharing; health as a human right.

    Awards and Honors:

    2008, SENCER Leadership Fellow for Science for New Civic Engagements and Social Responsibilities 2000, University Distinguished Teaching Award (2000) 1998, Project Kaleidoscope, Faculty for the 21st Century (1998-Present)

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