• Parsons at Open Campus is proud to announce the launch of a new certificate in Design Leadership for Business, a course of study that recognizes the profound impact design solutions can lend to business challenges across industries. Students build upon design thinking methodologies and emerge equipped to lead innovation and implement creative strategies for inspiring new perspectives across functional areas. Courses are offered with maximum flexibility in mind, typically lasting six weeks or less.

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    Course Descriptions

    Economic and Social Context of Design

    This course surveys the broader economic and social context in which design leaders will work. We examine salient phenomena and concepts such as automation, agility, and resilience and discuss how they affect business and design practices. Students will develop thought leadership around select topics to influence strategic conversations within their organizations and in their industries.

    Design Processes, Teams, and Business Models

    Designing for business is by definition a team effort that requires flexibility, adaptability, and vision. This course explores the theory, methods, and actions necessary to make ideas happen. Students master techniques in facilitation, project management, and the creation of viable business models applicable to both entrepreneurial and “intrapreneurial” ventures.

    Ethics and Sustainability in Design

    The discipline of design has great power to shape our realities, and with that power comes great responsibility. This course equips design leaders with the tools needed to examine the social and environmental implications of design. Students will address issues of ethics and sustainability through case studies and debates and develop their own approach to ethical and sustainable design leadership.

    Futures and Foresights

    Design is about imagining and proposing alternative future possibilities. If we cannot imagine it, we cannot design and build it. This class equips design leaders with the futures thinking and forecasting skills necessary to simulate and strategically plan for a volatile and uncertain future. Students learn storytelling and immersive scenario design techniques that will propel them into the realm of science fiction to better equip them to make choices in reality.

    Interested professionals are strongly encouraged to lay the groundwork for successful completion of the certificate, which officially launches in fall 2017, by enrolling in one of the following courses in design thinking offered at Parsons at Open Campus this summer:

    Design Thinking Fundamentals

    Design Thinking for Better Business