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Creative Technologies

Parsons seeks students who are curious about combining the creative process with digital technology—whether or not they have a traditional art background. Exploring creative technologies doesn't require expertise; successful students are those who want to experiment at the intersection of art and science.

exploring creative technologies

Many of the projects developed in the Design and Technology bachelor's degree program don't fall into the categories of game design, animation, motion graphics, or interaction design. Some students are interested in aspects of computer science but don't want to enter a computer science program. Some want to combine digital technologies with product design. Some want to investigate social networks and the impact of technology on society. Others want to apply technology to more traditional art forms. Design and Technology provides a supportive and well-structured environment for all of these kinds of exploration.


Design and Technology offers opportunities to experiment with traditional programming languages like Java and C++ in addition to platforms such as processing and open frameworks. Parsons students studying creative technologies apply these skills to develop new software, write applications for cell phones and other mobile media, produce innovative artwork, and program for animation, motion graphics, and game design.

New Media

Work by students in the Design and Technology program has been presented in major exhibitions around the world. Recently, students participated in five new media exhibits in China. Platform doesn't matter. Our students do it all—from art installations in stadiums to projects on cell phones, and from interactive pieces to environmental sensor networks and new forms of artificial intelligence.

Beyond the Visual

Two decades ago, Parsons became one of the first art and design schools to extend art and design beyond the visual realm. Many students play in bands, make their own musical instruments, and create experimental sound installations. Here, students work in house or collaborate on projects with peers in The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.

Computer Art

Every student who enters the Design and Technology program makes computer art of some kind. The computer art may range from experimental websites to sound- or music-based work to spatial or sculptural installations involving sensors and projectors. It could also include robotics or performance-based work. The important thing is to continue exploring, experimenting, and learning. Every new project you undertake will teach you something. Even if you don't become an artist, you'll take what you've learned into your chosen career.

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