Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.

Creative Technologies

Parsons seeks students who are interested in applying the creative process to digital technology. Successful students are those who want to experiment at the intersection of art and technology and understand that learning to code not only brings the ability to program but also provides new modes of expression, means of investigation, and ways of seeing the world.

Changing Landscapes

Parsons connects emergent digital technologies to a broader view of expression, identity, social/political issues and culture. Design and Technology offers opportunities to learn and experiment with programming languages, hardware and open source platforms, such as Processing, Arduino, and openFrameworks. We encourage students to be independent thinkers who explore, question, and find new ways to approach and solve problems.

Parsons students studying creative technologies apply these skills to develop new software, write applications for experimental interactions, produce innovative artwork, and program for the social good. From interactive museum exhibit design to participatory performance and dynamic narrative experiences, our students contribute to the vibrant and rich artistic fabric of New York and beyond.

Beyond the Screen

BFA DT extends art and design beyond screen-based interactions. Many students create playful robotic creatures, make their own musical instruments and visualizations, and build experimental sound installations. At Parsons, students have opportunities to work in-house or collaborate on projects with peers across the university, such as students in The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.

Making with code

Every student in the Design and Technology program learns to code. The results range from experimental websites, robotics, and sound-based work to spatial, sculptural, and performative installations. Students explore, experiment, and learn to make computer-based art. Every project teaches something new.