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Architectural Design (BFA)

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The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architectural Design is a four-year pre-professional degree program that prepares students for careers in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, exhibition design, interior design, environmental art, and other fields that demand expertise in spatial, digital, ecological, and material design. Using representational means ranging from models to full-scale material constructs to digital animation, students conceptualize and develop architectural schemes to address environmental, cultural, and theoretical concerns.

Building a Foundation

In the first year of study, students address the problem of the dynamic body in space and the environmental factors that can influence solutions. They go on to study larger-scale environments—real and virtual—and tackle issues of form, tectonics, structure, energy, and urban relationships. They also investigate independent research interests. During the senior year, students can apply to the department's Design Workshop program, in which selected students design, develop, and construct a full-scale project under faculty supervision.

Sites of Learning

In the design studio, students work on spatial problems that vary in scale from a room to a region. The studio is a place to exchange ideas and interact with faculty and peers. Seminar classes are another such place, providing access to tools and opportunities to develop critical thinking. Learning also takes place outside the studio, through site tours, internships, and sponsored projects. In the classroom, studio, and beyond, students become active members of a vibrant creative community, working alongside their peers studying interior, lighting, product, and environmental design.

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