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Parsons Paris.

Art, Media, and Technology

Visual and technological experimentation meets real-world practice in the School of Art, Media and Technology. We push our students to explore the boundaries of their knowledge and abilities and extend themselves beyond their own comfort zones. Whichever program you choose, there is freedom to take some of your classes in other programs and other Parsons schools. Through rigorous art and design training and interdisciplinary collaborations and exchange, our goal is to develop insightful commentators and agents of change in society. 

  • PETlab in Senegal

  • Design & Technology

The School of Art, Media, and Technology (AMT) embodies the healthy frisson between art and design. Our school places self-identified artists and designers within immediate proximity to show that difference does not mean division. And while our programs still allow students to pursue significant time in their studios, we actively encourage partnerships between artists and designers that may yield all-new subjects and methods of inquiry.

What unites AMT graduates, regardless of their program of choice? They learn to think independently and critically. And they discover how they may engage with society via their unique forms of creativity.

At AMT, we also understand that new media platforms and technological capabilities are roiling art and design as we know it. This sea change is breaking down the few remaining disciplinary boundaries, and offers artists new opportunities for commentary, reflection, and interaction in your work. We embrace, rather than resist, radical transformation, in order to best cultivate students' awareness of their interests and abilities.