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Graduate National Portfolio Days

National Portfolio Days

For Prospective Graduate Students

Graduate Portfolio Days are for students who have already completed a bachelor's degree program and are looking to further their education at the graduate level. Graduate Portfolio Days follow the same format as National Portfolio Days but provide prospective MFA, MArch, MA, and MS students with an opportunity to receive feedback on their portfolios. They are appropriate for those seeking admission to a graduate course of study that requires a portfolio submission. These sessions also give students the opportunity to learn more about curricula, faculty, application procedures, and other aspects of Parsons' graduate programs.

Like National Portfolio Days, Graduate Portfolio Days are not examinations or competitions. Attendees should not expect to gain either admission or scholarships to colleges visited during the event. They will have the opportunity to get specific information about portfolio requirements for graduate study at each school visited, receive direct feedback on their artwork, and learn about the next steps involved in applying for admission.

Please note that the Eastern Graduate Portfolio Day that was hosted by Parsons took place on October 26, 2014. All 2014 Graduate Portfolio Days have concluded at this time. Remember to visit the National Portfolio Day Association website for the 2015 calendar of events.