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Graphic Design (AAS)

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Evolving Field

Even at a time when some are predicting the demise of the printed page, graphic designers have never been in greater demand. Graphic design is keeping pace across the new frontiers in communication technologies, evolving into exciting new forms and applications. Students in this program investigate up-to-the-minute tools and trends of the trade, including introductory and advanced Web design, while building a solid foundation in the traditional practices and concepts of graphic design.

A Flexible program 

Students come from all different backgrounds and trades to study in the AAS Graphic Design program at Parsons, located in the heart of Greenwich Village. Graphic Design students explore core areas of the field and investigate other areas of design through elective offerings. The curriculum can be completed in two years or, following the accelerated Fast Track schedule, in two semesters.  

Professional Portfolio

A rigorous program for those who want to launch or advance their careers as graphic designers, the AAS Graphic Design program goes beyond basic technical knowledge to provide a complete design education. Motivated students with no prior arts education will gain the tools needed to launch a professional career in graphic design. Students familiar with design software will be challenged to take their skills to another level.

The AAS degree is particularly well suited to working professionals seeking to advance or change careers. Current high school students should consider Parsons' bachelor's degree offerings before applying, as they may present a more appropriate educational pathway.

Student Work