Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.

Fine Arts and Foundation

Fine arts and foundation courses provide a basis for study of all the art and design disciplines. Beginning artists and illustrators are introduced to essential tools and ideas, while those with more experience develop their skills and creativity in more advanced courses.


  • Color Theory, Drawing, and Painting
  • Life Drawing
  • Painting II
  • Three (3) electives

Color Theory

Discover color and its implications for designers and artists. Study ideas of space and the use of color to solve spatial problems. Look at color harmony and the way colors interact, as well as color qualities and combinations.

Drawing I

For those who have never picked up a pencil and beginners who prefer sticking to the basics. The class discusses form, drawing materials, line, and shading. Students learn about perspective, foreshortening, gesture, drapery, and portraiture. The class includes some life drawing from the model.

Painting I

This basic painting studio begins with an examination of the use of color, composition, spatial structure, and transition. Students work with a variety of observed sources, including the figure model, while receiving guidance on issues they are struggling with. Art history and contemporary art are incorporated.

Life Drawing

Discover aspects of drawing by working from the live model. Study master drawings and develop an understanding of structure to cultivate elements of draftsmanship.