• Staff

    Jerry M. Cutler
    Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, x4900, cutlerjm@newschool.edu. Jerry is responsible for providing leadership in the development and execution of the university's overall business plan through strategic direction of talent management, organizational effectiveness, diversity and inclusion, compensation and classification, health care, retirement, Title IX, employee and labor relations, Workday®, operations, and payroll.

    Rhonnie Jaus
    Vice President for Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Compliance, X2610, jausr@newschool.edu. Rhonnie is responsible for a broad portfolio of duties, including Title IX, for which she will play a leadership role in policy development and campuswide outreach, and advancing the university’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, ensuring compliance with federal and state employment laws and reporting requirements, and overseeing the recruitment and talent acquisition processes.

    Irwin Kroot
    Assistant Vice President, x4968, krooti@newschool.edu. Contact Irwin with questions, comments, and concerns about human resources, staff management matters, and identifying and implementing human resources strategies; developing and administering human resources policies; and The New School's compensation and classification, human resources systems, staffing, and records management functions.

    Jade Mullins
    Human Resources Generalist, Strategy and Process Improvement, x4946, mullinsj@newschool.edu. Jade provides leadership in identifying and implementing strategic initiatives to enhance the quality of Human Resources services across a broad range of disciplines, including talent acquisition, HR systems, operations, payroll, benefits, training and development, and compensation and classification. 

    HR Help

    Leah Bautista
    Senior Human Resources Associate, x4939, bautistl@newschool.edu

    Staffing Services

    Sarah Buckley
    HR Talent Specialist and Office Manager, x6907, buckleys@newschool.edu


    Andrea Yenco
    Assistant Vice President of Benefits, X4937,  yencoa@newschool.edu.

    Jenny Borrero
    Senior Human Resources Analyst, x4945, borreroy@newschool.edu

    Arlene De La Rosa
    Benefits and Labor Operations Specialist, x3848, delarosa@newschool.edu

    Thandiwe Weza
    Benefits Specialist, x4949, wezat@newschool.edu.  

    Human Resources Operations

    Linda Kilcommons
    Director of Human Resources Operations, x1308, kilcomml@newschool.edu. Our team's email is HROperations@newschool.edu.

    Elvira Delle Cave
    HR Operations Analyst, x3847, dellecae@newschool.edu.  

    Hamza Hami
    HR Operations Analyst, X4988, hamih@newschool.edu

    Brian Olsen
    HR Operations Analyst, x4951, olsenb@newschool.edu

    Kristin Vargas
    HR Operations Analyst, x4948, vargask@newschool.edu


    Laura Hernandez
    Director of Payroll, x4224, hernandl@newschool.edu

    Margie Vazquez
    Assistant Director of Payroll, x4965, vazquezm@newschool.edu.

    Maria Kutsumalis
    Payroll Coordinator, x4961, georgalm@newschool.edu.

    Astrit Besimi
    Payroll Administrator, x4974, besimia@newschool.edu.

    Labor Relations Operations

    David Arenas
    HRIS Analyst, x3968, arenasd@newschool.edu

    Chew Yap
    HR Data Analyst, x3845, yapc@newschool.edu.

    Training and Development/Employee Relations

    Ilana Levitt
    Senior Director of Employee Development and Organizational Effectiveness, x3842, levitti@newschool.edu.

    Alexandra Cherasia
    HR Generalist, Training and Communications, x3703, chera187@newschool.edu

    Lauren Tomlinson
    HR Generalist for Employee Relations and Compensation, x3841, l.tomlinson@newschool.edu