Beginning April 4, 66 Fifth Avenue and 68 Fifth Avenue are open for classes and activities.
2 West 13th Street remains closed until further notice.
Please check the status page for information and updates. Last Updated April 17, 2018 5:00 p.m. 
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  • Meet the Staff

    TBD, Director

    See SLI's Director about planning one-time programs, University Student Senate (USS) funds disbursement, and the overall operations of Student Development and Activities.

    Brittney McFadden, Assistant Director for Recreation and Campus Activities

    See Brittney for information about sports, recreation, and campus activities.

    Rafael Gonzalez, Assistant Director for Student Activities and Leadership Development

    See Rafael for information on leadership programs and opportunities for civic engagement.

    Jacinta Avery, Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Activities

    See Jacinta for student organization development, for training, and for department-wide programs.

    George Saad, Office Manager

    See George for information related to ticket sales, one-time programs, and general student activities.

    Angelica Wilson, Office Manager

    See Angelica for information related to ticket sales, student organizations, and general student activities.