• Get Involved

    There are many ways to be involved within the LGBTQ community on campus. Here are some institutional and student organizations available to you.

  • Student, Staff, and Faculty Training Programs

    Anti-Violence Workshops

    Workshops designed to address sexual violence, domestic and intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, stalking, and radical consent. Contact wellness@newschool.edu for more information.

    Fostering Student Health

    Learn how to identify, respond, and refer students who are in distress. Contact studentsupport@newschool.edu for more information.

    Know Your Title IX

    Workshops designed to address our university responsibilities around gender-based equality. Contact Jennifer Francone at franconej@newschool.edu.

    Microaggression Training

    Our aim is to educate and empower members of the New School community to understand what microaggression is, how to recognize it, understand its impact, and respond and to learn about individual, university, and community resources to address it. Contact wellness@newschool.edu.

    The New You Peer Health Advocate

    Peer health advocates are volunteer student leaders with a passion for health and wellness who develop programs and services for all students at The New School. The advocates receive extensive training in health education, advocacy, and leadership skills. Contact wellness@newschool.edu.

    Safe Zone Training

    The Safe Zone Program includes a voluntary network of faculty, staff, and student allies who aim to increase safety and create a more supportive campus environment for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual, and gender -onconforming (LGBTQIAGNC) community at The New School.

    Social Justice Groups

    Lang Civic Engagement and Social Justice

    This office supports your activism, commitment to social change, and exploration of justice and equity issues in a number of ways. Our programs create learning communities in which Lang students can critically self-reflect, take action, and build networks with other students, faculty, and staff at The New School who are dedicated to living justice-centered lives.

    The New School Caregivers

    The New School Caregivers Support Working Group of the Social Justice Committee consists of students, faculty, and staff and was created to advocate in behalf of the many caregivers in our community.

    Social Justice Administrators on Campus

    Maya Wiley, Senior Vice President for Social Justice

    Gail Drakes, Director of Social Justice Initiatives

    Social Justice at The New School

    This is a Facebook group formed out of a desire by New School students to have a shared space for communicating, organizing and sharing ideas on how to critically address issues of social change. How can students more effectively link with social movements and hold our university accountable for acting upon its historic mission? How can we make space to discuss and organize to dismantle institutional and systemic inequities related to race, color, class, sex, gender, ability — both in and outside of The New School?

    University Social Justice Committee

    The New School's Social Justice Committee, composed of faculty, students, and staff, is committed to increasing the presence of underrepresented and marginalized groups in the New School community. Committee members evaluate and propose academic policies and practices that will support the social and academic aspirations of all members of the university. An important part of the committee's mission is creating an environment in which every member of the New School community can acquire the skills necessary to struggle effectively for a more inclusive and just society.

    LGBTQ Student Groups

    Queer Collective

    Queer Collective is a student group, both graduate and undergraduate, with members from across the LGBTQIAGNC spectrum, that strives to build a university community that respects, prioritizes, and values all gender and sexual identities. Email queercollective@newschool.edu for more information.


    Queerocracy is a grassroots community organization led by New School students that is working to promote social justice and respond to the global AIDS crisis through direct action, advocacy, and education.
    Google group: groups.google.com/group/queerocracy

    University Governing Groups

    Student Senate

    The University Student Senate is the official student government of The New School. Elected from all colleges of the university, its members listen to students' concerns and convey them to the university administration. USS also organizes campus-wide events and parties, makes political statements, co-funds events hosted by other organizations, and more.

    Staff Senate

    The New School Staff Senate provides a representative voice and resource for all staff who are not represented in the Faculty Senate or the Student Senate. The senate serves as an advisory body to the administration; provides a forum for open communication and ongoing dialogue among staff and between staff and administration, faculty and students; serves as a resource for the administration when large-scale initiatives or changes to administrative processes are considered; promotes the professional and personal development of staff members; and advises the administration on any other matters affecting staff.

    Faculty Senate

    Representing faculty from every college of The New School, the Faculty Senate meets monthly to discuss issues related to the academic life of the university. The officers of the senate meet regularly with the president, the provost, and other senior leaders to work together to improve the academic quality and effectiveness of the university.

    Gender Studies Curriculum

    Gender Studies Program at Eugene Lang College

    Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary area of study that draws on courses offered throughout the university. Students take approved gender studies courses to supplement their primary course of study. Those who complete the program of six courses (two introductory courses, three intermediate-advanced courses, and a senior capstone course) under the guidance of an Gender Studies advisor can request a letter attesting to their completion of the program.

    Margot Bouman, Director

    Graduate Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies

    The Graduate Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies is a university-wide program that brings together faculty and courses from across The New School to address gender and sexuality from many disciplinary perspectives.


    Margot Bouman and Alice Crary