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  • Personal Emergencies

    All university housing and security staff receive training and detailed procedures for immediate and appropriate responses to a wide variety of events and situations that could affect the health, safety, or security of a student.

    What to Do

    Life-Threatening and Serious Emergencies

    In these situations, call 911 and then call Campus Security at 212.229.7001.

    Examples of emergencies in this category include

    • Back injury
    • Bleeding (heavy or uncontrollable)
    • Breathing problems
    • Chest pain
    • Drug or alcohol overdose
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Mental health disturbance/suicidal ideation or action
    • Sexual assault

    Non-Life-Threatening and Other Emergencies

    In these situations, call Campus Security at 212.229.7001 and await instructions.

    Examples of emergencies in this category include

    • Fights (on campus)
    • Missing persons
    • Suspicious person or intruder
    • Non-life-threatening injury or illness

    If You Call 911, Let Them Know

    • You are calling to report an emergency at The New School
    • The address
    • The injury or situation
    • The telephone number you are calling from
    • Where emergency vehicles can enter