• Campus Disruptions - Emergencies

    What To Do First What To Do Next
    Fire and Explosion
    Call 911 Pull alarm, alert others, close doors, evacuate to safe area, follow instructions of New School personnel.
    Odd Odor, Natural Gas Odor, Burning Odor
    Call 212.229.7001 Campus Security Identify source if possible. Do not activate light switches or other electronics. Do not cause sparks or ignite open flame. If severe, evacuate.
    Power Outage (limited)
     Call 212.229.7001 Campus Security If outage is prolonged, information about alternate housing or class meeting venues will be available via the university status webpage or via the informational notice on the university’s home page ( www.newschool.edu).
    Power Outage (campus-wide, including communications systems)
    Follow instructions of New School personnel Information will be disseminated throughout the university and directives given via announcements at campus facilities. Briefings will be given at specified central locations.
    Campus Disturbances (demonstrations, unruly crowds)
    Follow instructions of Campus Security and/or NYPD Proceed as directed to classes and other activities. Campus Security will act in concert with the police department to ensure that university schedules are not interrupted or delayed
    Labor Disruptions
    Call 212.229.7001 Campus Security In the event of a labor disruption, The New School will make swift and appropriate adjustments to maintain the regular schedule of classes, services, and activities.
    Suspicious Package or Mail
    Call 212.229.7001 Campus Security Do not touch or move the suspicious item. If instructed to evacuate, do so promptly.