• Alcohol and Illegal Drugs

    Drinking and using illegal drugs can land you in a lot of trouble before you realize it. The news has been too full of young people meeting unsavory or disastrous consequences after a night of overindulgence. New School students are an intelligent lot; we ask you also to be aware of the effects of alcohol and drugs on your judgment.

    If you do drink, take precautions to avoid compromising and dangerous situations.

    • Do not go out alone.
    • Make sure you eat first, drink plenty of water, and space out your drinks.
    • Know your own limits; then underestimate them.
    • Keep an eye on your drink at all times. Do not accept drinks or other substances from strangers.
    • Never leave an establishment or party alone or with a stranger.
    • If you do find yourself disoriented or unsteady, call a cab or a sober friend.

    The legal drinking age is 21, and state laws deal harshly with underage drinking. The New School offers campus educational programs and events that address issues and health risks associated with alcohol and drug abuse.

    Excessive drinking and drug use may signal a more serious problem. Students should contact Student Medical Services at 212.229.1671, option 2.