• Requesting a Room Change

    Residential students who would like to change rooms should put in a request for a room change. Room change requests are reviewed on a weekly basis and take into consideration students' needs and the spaces that are available. As a first step, students are encouraged to reach out to their Resident Advisor (RA) or Residence Hall Director/Area Coordinator to explore roommate mediation or other interventions.

    Beginning in the third week of the semester, a student may submit a Room Change Request Application to request a change, room swap, or pull-in. Requests are granted on the basis of the number of students seeking room changes, their individual room and building preferences, and available vacant spaces. Applications are reviewed on Wednesdays throughout the academic year and are processed within one to two days. If students are reassigned, they will pick up their keys to their new assignment on Thursday or Friday of the week and must complete their move by Sunday at 10:00 p.m. If students are not reassigned, they must submit a new application by the following Wednesday for review.

    Fall semester room changes will be accepted through the third Wednesday of November. The Room Change Request Application will open again on the last Monday of November and close December 13 for requests for a room change for the following spring semester. Students seeking a room change for the spring semester should be prepared to move out all of their belongings from their fall assignment and take them home before winter check-out, December 19, if they intend to leave during the winter break. Students may be notified during the winter break of the availability of a room and upon return would move into the new room assignment.

    For more information on the room change process, please see pages 19-20 in our Residence Hall Handbook or email us at universityhousing@newschool.edu.