• Move Out

    Residence Hall Check-Out

    It is important that you complete the entire check-out process in the residence hall office to ensure that you do not have any extra charges on your bill at the end of the year. Whether you are leaving in the middle of a semester or at the conclusion of the academic year, you should plan to properly check out of your residence hall by visiting the residence hall office during office hours or by contacting your resident advisor (RA). During check-out, you will return your keys.

    • If you are vacating the residence hall in the middle of the semester, you should go to the residence hall office or speak to your RA to complete the check-out process.
    • If you are vacating your residence hall room in December, you must check out by Tuesday, December 19, 2017, at 4:00 p.m.
    • If you are vacating your residence hall room in May, you must check out by Tuesday, May 15 (last names A–L), or Wednesday, May 16 (last names M–Z), at 4:00 p.m. Graduating students must depart by Saturday, May 19, at 4:00 p.m.
  • Room/Suite Check-Out and Inspection

    Check-out and inspection are your opportunity to double-check any damages that were noted on your Room Condition Report (RCR) when you moved in and to make sure that any damage charges are assigned to the person(s) responsible. The check-out process will cover your current space and common areas.

    RAs will not complete the check-out process if your belongings are not completely packed. If you want to check out, your portion of the bedroom and common areas must be cleaned and emptied.

    If you are not the last one to leave, you will want to discuss with your roommates who is responsible for making sure the entire space is cleaned; otherwise, everyone in your suite will be held responsible and charged accordingly.

    If you leave the building without completing your room inspection, you will forfeit your right to appeal any damage charges, and you will be charged a fee of $25 for improper check-out.

    Express Check-Out

    Express check-out is permitted only under circumstances in which a member of the residence hall staff deems it necessary (e.g., a late or early departure). Express check-out forms are not available from Campus Safety Desks.

    In completing an express check-out, you forfeit your right to appeal any damage charges.

    You should leave your completed express check-out envelope and room key at the Campus Safety Desk upon your departure.

    Vacating the Residence Hall

    • Failure to return keys will result in a $25 charge per key.
    • Any items you leave behind will be thrown away, and you will be charged for their disposal.
    • No storage is available in any residence hall.

    Trash and Garbage Disposal

    • Trash bags are available in the residence hall office during office hours.
    • Use small bags and tie them securely.
    • The trash chute will be locked during the days leading up to the final check-out and other periods during the academic year. All garbage should be tied up and left in the designated area in your building for disposal.
    • Any trash or items left in the hallways will result in the assessment of a fee to all residents on the entire floor.

    Furniture/Large Item Removal

    If you brought any furniture or large items into your room or suite, it is your responsibility to remove them from the building at the end of your stay.

    Failure to remove any non–New School furniture or large items will result in a removal fee of $75 or more per item.

    Cleaning and Damages

    • Your room, kitchen, and bathroom must be completely cleaned and emptied of belongings upon check-out.
    • All drawers, cabinets, closets, bathroom vanities, and refrigerators must also be emptied and cleaned.
    • Any wall damage you have caused will result in a charge.
    • Return all furniture to its original location. However, do not attempt to re-bunk or un-bunk beds.
    • Damage and cleaning charges will be divided among all residents of the room or suite, unless specific, individual responsibility has been assigned beforehand.

    Changing Your Address

    We do not forward mail. You must contact your banks, credit card companies, magazines, etc., and provide your updated address. Any mail that arrives after you have moved out will be returned to the sender. Once you have moved out, housing staff members are not permitted to collect mail that has been delivered for you. You can fill out a mail forward form online at usps.com.

    How to Get Your Housing Deposit Back

    • All damage and cleaning charges will be deducted from your housing deposit.
    • The remainder of the $350 housing deposit credited to your account may be applied to any other university charges currently outstanding on your account (e.g., tuition, library fines, etc.). After July 1, you can log in to my.newschool.edu or contact Student Financial Services to check the status of your housing deposit refund.

    Summer Housing

    The deadline to apply for summer housing has passed. However, you can inquire about availability by telephoning 212.229.5459 x3610, emailing summerhousing@newschool.edu, or visiting newschool.edu/housing.

    Damage Fees

    Related to Check-Out
    Failure to check out
    Unreturned key
    $25 per day
    Unauthorized extensions
    $150 per day
    Authorized extensions
    $50 per day


    Structural Damage
    $200 maximum  
    Wall holes
    $50 per wall
    Bathroom sink
    $300 maximum
    Telephone/ethernet jack
    $80 per jack
    $450 per room
    $200 maximum 
    $200 maximum
    Kitchen sink
    $100 maximum
    Kitchen cabinet
    $100 per cabinet maximum

    Painting Charges
    $150 per wall
    Entire Bedroom
    Entire common area

    Fixture Damages
    Light fixture
    $50 per fixture
    Window blinds/curtains
    $100 per panel
    Door frame
    $250 per door
    Door lock
    $100 for lock change
    Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    $75 per detector
    Bathroom mirror
    $75 per mirror

    Furniture Damages
    Table$150 maximum
    $75 maximum
    Bed frame
    $150 maximum
    $100 maximum
    Dresser/wardrobe$300 maximum
    Desk (including hutch)
    $250 maximum
    $100 maximum