• Registration Information

    If you are a New Student, visit the New Student Information website for registration dates, procedures, and policies.

    This information will help you register for the upcoming semester. If you still have questions about registration policies and procedures, contact an advisor in your program.

    A registration cap of 18 credits will be instituted for all undergraduate students starting with the incoming fall 2016 class. Students may petition for an exception to this policy with their academic advisor if they have earned a cumulative New School GPA of 3.5 or higher or require an accommodation for a more timely graduation.

    Please note that the use of any software product that artificially mimics the keystrokes and clicks necessary to register for classes is strictly prohibited. The use of such products may cause your account to be locked, after which you would need to contact an advisor to add or drop courses for the rest of the term.

    To find the location of your classes, go to the university Class Finder.

    Things to Do Before You Register

  • Update Your MyNewSchool Account

    If you need to update your address and/or telephone information and/or submit a student health insurance waiver, do so at my.newschool.edu before you try to register.

    • For MyNewSchool password assistance, contact the University IT Service Desk at 212.229.5300 xHELP (4357).

    Activate Your MyNewSchool Account if You Haven't Yet Done So

    NetID User Name

    Log in to MyNewSchool With Your NetID User Name. A typical student user name is in the following format: first four letters of the last name + first initial + three numbers; not case sensitive. Your Net ID username is the beginning of your New School email address.

    For example, if a student is named John Smith, this would be his email and username:

    • Email Address: smithj123@newschool.edu
    • User Name: smithj123

    NetID Password

    When you first log in to MyNewSchool, your default password is your six-digit date of birth (mm/dd/yy). You will be prompted to change this to a more secure password. You will need your username and password for all future MyNewSchool log-ins, including for Web registration.

    Check Your Account for Holds

    Click here and make sure there are no holds that prevent you from registering. For example, any outstanding financial obligations must be cleared with Student Financial Services, or a hold will be placed on your account blocking registration and release of transcripts.

    Before you can register, you must resolve any registration hold with the office that initiated the hold.

    Look for Courses That Interest You

    In preparation for meeting with your advisor, search the University Course Catalog to find courses that interest you. You can search by Course Topic, Keyword, Department, and a number of other criteria, and then view course descriptions and registration availability for upcoming semesters. If you are a continuing education student, browse courses of interest to you.

    Plan Your Class Schedule With DegreeWorks

    DegreeWorks is an online tool that shows you which degree requirements you have completed and which remain to be done. Access to DegreeWorks is through the Student tab in my.newschool.edu. If you haven't used it before, read the DegreeWorks tutorial.

    Make an Appointment With Your Advisor

    As a degree-seeking student, you can get advising information by contacting the advising office in charge of your department or program. Contact information for each advising office can be found on the Advising website. It is your responsibility to know and understand your program's advising and registration deadlines and other policies. Do not hesitate to contact your advising office if you are unsure about your responsibilities with respect to course advising and other academic policies or procedures.

    If you are a continuing education student—whether on a noncredit basis, for credit, or for a certificate—please contact ce@newschool.edu.


    Register Online

    If you ever need information related to registration, academic records, or any policies and procedures, the Registrar's Office is where you will find it. We want to make sure that, as a student, you have access to any of this information whenever you may need it. However, it is your job to know and understand this information, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

    Click here to start registering for classes.

    For Degree-Seeking Students:

    For Continuing Education Students at Open Campus:

    Financial Penalties:

    There is a financial penalty for dropping courses after the drop deadline once an academic term has begun unless you add equivalent credits on the same day, in which case the penalty is waived. Review the University Refund Schedule using the link above.

    Continuing Education at Open Campus

    What do you want to learn? The New School provides training outside full-length degree programs for aspiring designers, entrepreneurs, musicians, writers, and everything in between. You can enroll in for-credit and noncredit continuing education courses and noncredit certificate programs. Immerse yourself in the subjects that matter to you.

    Explore this season's classes. Register today!

  • Important Information

  • Graduate Student Information

    Maintenance of Status

    Some schools require continuous residency of degree students. Students who are neither registering to take courses for credit nor on approved leave of absence must register to maintain status. Typically, graduate students working on a thesis or dissertation must register for Maintenance of Status. Students must have permission to maintain status; their registration forms must be signed by the departmental advisor. There is a tuition charge for Maintenance of Status and the student must pay the University Services and any school fees as well. The Student Health Insurance premium and health services fee are automatically charged unless waived by the deadline (see Health Fee Policy section). Most students registering to Maintain Status also register for Equivalency credits.

    Auditing Courses

    To audit a course, you must obtain the appropriate advisor signatures on the course Add/Drop form and must register for the course in-person at the Registrar's Office. You cannot register as an auditor via MyNewSchool. Audit fees are listed in the Tuition and Fee Schedule. You may not attend any course without being properly registered in that course. Note that auditing a course is NOT the same as maintaining status; if you are not taking any courses toward your degree in the coming semester, you must register for Maintain Status even if you are auditing a course.

    Equivalency Credit

    Equivalency credit is granted for approved activities other than courses that are part of a student's progress toward a degree-for example, researching or writing a thesis, conducting fieldwork, undertaking foreign language study, or taking part in an exchange program. The purpose of equivalency credits is to establish appropriate enrollment status in order to defer student loans, to qualify for TAP or other financial aid, or to comply with visa requirements. For example, a student working full-time on a doctoral dissertation and applying for TAP awards must register for 12 equivalency credits per semester. For graduate students, full-time status is defined as enrollment for nine degree credits per semester and half-time status is defined as enrollment for six degree credits per semester. Any graduate student actively working on non-course degree requirements who is not taking a full-time course load should register for equivalency credits. A student registering for equivalency credit must also register either for additional courses for credit or to Maintain Status. Note that equivalency credit is not granted for completing outstanding coursework, making up grades of Incomplete, or retaking courses.

    Registration for equivalency credit takes place during the normal registration period. Equivalency courses carry no fees.

    Billing and Financial Aid

    Student Financial Services (SFS) can provide you and your family with information and assistance to help you finance your New School education. Student Financial Services works with students and families of all income levels to explore their funding options, including scholarships, loans, campus employment, and other resources. Use the links below.

    For additional information, contact Student Financial Services at 212.229.8930 or sfs@newschool.edu or visit the office at 72 Fifth Avenue, 2nd floor.

    Academic Policy Information

    The Registrar's Office maintains registration and academic record information and establishes policies and procedures regarding these matters. As a student, you are responsible for knowing and understanding this information. Follow the links below for the most commonly used information.

    If you still have questions, contact the Registrar's Office.

  • View the Academic Calendar for details about registration dates and deadlines (add, drop, and withdrawal), semester beginning and ending dates, and university holidays. Consult with your advising office for registration dates for late-starting courses.

    Please Note

    All university offices are closed on Fridays during the summer from mid-June through mid-August and on university holidays.