Parsons Paris

Fashion Studies (MA)

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    This master’s program challenges you to apply interdisciplinary methodologies to examine fashion as object, image, text, practice, theory, and concept. You integrate a range of disciplines—fashion history and theory, art and design studies, history, museology, anthropology, sociology, ethnology, and cultural, film, and visual studies—to consider fashion in relation to design, production, consumption, representation, and bodily practice.

    A New Academic Pathway

    In both New York and Paris, two world capitals for Fashion, the MA Fashion Studies offers a new academic route to advance the research and analysis of fashion as a cultural phenomenon and global industry. This 42-credit program will be of particular interest to students with degrees in the humanities and social sciences as well as students with art, design, and fashion industry backgrounds who want to gain a deeper understanding of fashion and its scholarship. The program provides an entryway for students who want to pursue careers in fashion research, including fashion archives, museums, and galleries, media and consulting, as well as teaching. MA Fashion Studies also prepares students for advanced research in fashion leading to a PhD.

    Interdisciplinary Pathway

    Joint research projects with related programs at Parsons in New York City build your network and collaborative abilities. Opportunities to contribute to exhibitions and programming at major archives, collections, and digital publications and curatorial platforms will be offered on both campuses. At Parsons Paris, students will work collaboratively with Masters students in the History of Design and Curatorial Studies experimenting with curatorial projects in the Parsons Paris gallery.

    At Parsons Paris, you benefit from special resources supporting a focus on the Parisian context. Study historic fashion collections at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and Musée Galliera and learn curatorial practice and conservation at those museums as well as at private galleries and archives including the Foundation Yves Saint Laurent and Bibliotheque Forney.