Parsons Paris classes will be conducted online beginning October 30, 2020, with only limited activities taking place on campus starting on November 2, 2020. Learn More 
Students are encouraged to consult the Parsons Paris 20-21 Academic Plan.

  • Campus Status

  • Following President Macron's announcement in a national televised address on October 28, all universities, including Parsons Paris, will deliver instruction online starting Friday morning, October 30. This mandate is in place until at least December 1. 

    A follow-up announcement on October 29 by the Prime Minister clarified that limited activities requiring access to specialized equipment or materials may be held on campus. 

    Faculty will reach out to their students to communicate next steps regarding instruction moving forward. Please be assured that your faculty will preserve the quality of the learning experience while conforming with the government sanitary mandate.

    All Student Success services and support -- including the Writing Center, ESL, French tutoring, immigration, healthcare and insurance support, counseling, academic advising, career advising, housing -- remain available for all students

    The school's administrative team will work remotely to assist and coordinate with students. 

    For more information about the school’s COVID-19 planning, or if you have questions, please contact the coordinator from your unit: 

    Business & Operations: Loren Ringer,
    Academic Affairs: Edward Mills,
    Student Success: Ruthie Kroah
    Technology & Campus Resources: Ivan Twohig

    I. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    As mandated by the French government, face masks are mandatory throughout Paris and its suburbs, including all outdoor public spaces. All community members will be required to wear a cloth-based face covering or surgical mask as soon as they enter our buildings. This means face coverings are required whenever students, employees, and visitors are present at Parsons Paris, and must remain on at all times except when one is consuming food or beverages, provided you maintain a 1-meter distance.

    All types of masks (surgical, fabric, etc.) are only meant to be worn for 4 hours. If you intend to be in the building more than 4 hours, you should plan to have two masks.

    The security guard will enforce the wearing of a mask as soon as you enter the building. Parsons Paris will maintain a preventive stock of masks. 

    II. Building circulation flow

    The security guard station will be installed in the 45, rue St Roch building foyer. Only one person at a time is permitted to enter the building and everyone should queue up on the sidewalk with at least 1 meter’s distance. The guard will make sure that everyone who enters is wearing a mask and will refuse entry to those that are not. A free-standing hand sanitizer dispenser is located at the entry, and everyone is expected to disinfect one’s hands or to use your own personal disinfectant gel.

    The following measures have been put into place to ensure everyone’s safety:

    a) Disinfecting Building: The building and work spaces are cleaned at least twice a day. In addition, disinfectant products will be put at the disposal of all building users. The cleaning crew has been instructed to open windows every morning when cleaning.

    b) Elevator: Elevator use is limited to four people at a time. We consider
           that the elevator is prioritized for those not capable of taking the stairs

    c) Hand sanitizer dispensers: dispensers have been placed two per floor on either side of the stairs. It is recommended that all members of our community disinfect their hands before and after going into the classroom. Disinfectant supplies will be placed in every classroom and you should disinfect the seat and table space before you sit down

    d) Tech Lab: disinfectant wipes are available and you should disinfect the keyboard before you use it. The stations have been separated to respect the 1-meter distance.

    e) Toilets: a disinfectant product will be placed in each toilet and you are expected to wipe the toilet seat and sink before and after use.

    III. Symptom Monitoring

    Any individual displaying symptoms related to COVID-19 or that look like possible manifestations of COVID-19 symptoms should remain at home. If you start to display symptoms while you are on campus, please alert the security guard and return home. We have requested that the security guard notify Student Success

    If you have symptoms, we highly encourage you to get tested and ask that you please inform us of the results; however, French law does not require you to disclose. If we learn that we have positive COVID-19 cases, it’s mandatory to report cases to the French Ministry of Education. In the event that Parsons Paris becomes a cluster, we will be obligated to take stricter measures to contain the virus and will inform the community of these changes. 

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