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  • Immerse Yourself in Two Global Capitals

    As a student in Paris, you use the city as your laboratory, collaborating on creative projects and applying art and design to the challenges of urban life, just as your counterparts at Parsons in New York do. Curricula shared by Parsons’ two campuses allow you to study in both creative capitals, drawing on American and European teaching traditions through our “one degree–two cities” approach to education. 

    Studying at both academic centers broadens your practice through studio and liberal arts courses on campus and applied, hands-on experiential learning off campus in two distinct global cities. In Paris, you discover how rich art and craft traditions coexist with European, especially French, tech culture and new creative and entrepreneurial strategies. In New York, you can enhance your education by taking courses offered throughout The New School in such subjects as sociology, comparative literature, and anthropology. As a New School student, you belong to a community committed to sustainability and social justice. 

    Academic Programs at Parsons Paris

    Parsons Paris offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and summer program study options. Program curricula are based on the courses of study developed for the New York campus but are adapted to the culture and context of Paris. Classes are kept small to foster collaboration and community.

    Instruction is in English. If you would like to learn or improve your French, you can enroll in language courses.